Friday, July 30

How I worked my mooching magic...

How to mooch:
So I was at work and I saw a family standing in line who had a huge bag of pretzel m&ms.
I asked them, "Hey are those good?"
They replied, "Oh yeah. Definitely. Want some?"
I said very nicely, "Oh. no thats ok. thats not why i asked.I was just wondering because i have never tried them"
They said, "are you sure?"
I finally gave in and said, "Ok fine. I'll have some" :)

So after work Devin and I were at Walmart and I told him how delicious pretzel m&ms are and that he needed to try them. DEBACLE: Walmart only had the large bags of m&ms and so we had to spend $4 on them. Dev thought it was really dumb to spend that much, and so i don't think he fully enjoyed the taste. But nontheless, they are delicious- try them.

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