Monday, July 19

The Reception

The reception was AMAZING!! Some of my favorite things:
  • the cake!!!
  • the string quartet (background music)
  • the band (joe muscolino)
  • dancing! such a good turn out!
  • the food- even though I only ate an egg roll, the food looked incredible and everyone said it tasted really good
  • the ice sculptures
  • the bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits
  • the flowers
  • party favors- candy bars with our names on them
  • no line! (we reached our goal of not having the guests stand in line)
  • our choreographed first dance
  • the butterflies... in theory, it is a great idea for the send off. but they didn't quite fly..
  • last but not least- all of our family and friends who were able to attend and make it incredible!
by the way... I went a little crazy and put up a lot of pictures.. I just couldn't decide!

The Cake:

The Ice Sculptures:

The party favors:

The cootie catchers:

The Tables:

some of the dessert:

Our Chefs at the stir fry station:

The Maywood String Quartet:

Cutting the cake:

Our first dance:

Daddy-daughter dance:

Partying it up!

The congo line:

The bouquet toss!

The garder toss:

We were really tired by the end...

The send off:

The butterfly malfunction. They were supposed to fly away...

Everyone trying to save the butterflies...

And we drove away..


  1. Haha Ash told me about the butterfly malfunction. Good idea, in theory... Looks beautiful! Love you little sissy!

  2. Oh it looks so pretty. I heard it was so fabulous. The butterly malfunction is hilarious. Hope you had a good honey moon.

  3. how fun!!! it reminds me of my wedding, i wish so much i could have come! and i totally would have been there if we hadnt had an unexpected move to oregon (see blog) you looked absolutly beautiful though! so happy for you!

  4. wow it was beautiful!! thnaks for sharing your pictures, I wish we could have come!!

  5. Steph your wedding was incredible!!! I loved it and you looked gorgeous. I have to admit...I ate two of your chocolate bars. I'm so ashamed! Those things were so delicious, I couldn't resist!!! Love ya Steph!
    -Courtney Deans Sanders

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