Sunday, August 22

Cruisin' the Caribbean

This week we went with Devin's family on a cruise to the Caribbean. We started in Cape Canaveral, Florida and went to St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Nassau. It was definitely fun to spend more time with Devin's family as the summer comes to a close. There is never a dull moment with them...

This is our cruise ship docked at St. Thomas

There were 2 awesome water slides on the boat.

While we were in Nassau we went to the waterpark at Atlantis!! It was soooo cool and the water slides were sooooooooooo scary!!!! I was shaking after going down a couple of them and there was one slide that went through a shark tank- that was frightening after watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel the whole week before...

There were random fish tanks all over and this is one with sharks in it and these gigantic-weird looking fish. Look how huge it is compared to Dev and Sean.


Dinner on the Cruise. We had the best waiters ever! they were so cute!

Our waiter

At our table.

Birthday Dinner for Steve.

While we were in St. Maarten we went horseback riding down the beach! It was so much fun. My horse's name was Paco. He was very good to me - never bucked me off and always obeyed me. The only trouble he ever made was when he bit Devin's horse, but even then it didn't really affect me because it just made Dev's horse jump around :) Ryan and Sean (Dev's bros) made the mistake of saying they were "expert riders" because they automatically were given the stubborn, mean horses to ride.

My favorite kind of horse! Brown with a white star on its forehead ( i loved horses when i was little- it could be called an obsession)

yee ha!

At the end of the ride we got to go into the water and let the horses swim around. It was so cool!! The horses make these weird growling noises to fill up their lungs with air and then they can swim in pretty deep water!

I got one of those really stretchy "one size fits all" shirts at the airport. When I showed it to Devin he thought it was very strange how small it was. He thought it was for a doll.

This is a picture of me wearing the shirt. See? It stretches quite nicely.


  1. Looks like soo much fun! I can't believe you got one of those stretchy shirts...

  2. SO awesome!! The horseback riding in the ocean looks amazing. What a fun vacation. Dying over the stretchy shirt pic with Devin. lol! Awesome!


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