Wednesday, August 25

The move from PC to P-TOWN

Moving from Park City to Provo has been a bittersweet experience for us. We had an amazing summer in Deer Valley and so it is hard to come back to the heat of "happy valley" to start school again. However, I have to admit that I have missed Provo at the same time. There are 4 years worth of good memories in this college town and so it is fun to be back.

What I will miss about PC:

1. The weather and temperature of the mountain air. It usually was about 75 to 80 degrees in the day and 60 at night. PERFECTION

2. My sweet job at the alpine slide and the awesome tan-line it gave me. (Notice my ankle tan in the picture)

3. The cabin we lived in- thanks to Devin's parents.

4. Having my own gym and pool. -- ok...they weren't just mine, but because of the lack of people staying in park city in the summertime, it was as if I had everything to myself.

5. The pretty views and sunsets

So back to Provo we go!... Below are some moving pictures. Hopefully in a few days our apartment will be completely unpacked so that I can post some more pictures!

Our cute little apartment :)

sooooo many boxes.


  1. you are going to hve such a cute little place!!!
    where are you guys living?!

  2. fun. we better be the first guests!

  3. Dear long distance friends,
    Go hit them books hard. I don't think I could sit in class having such recent memories of PC. See ya on flip side


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