Monday, August 9

Weekend in LA

This weekend we went to LA to visit Devin's dad, Bob. We had a lot of fun, as always!

The first morning, Dev and Bob woke up at about 5 am to go and watch a surgery. That's a little intense for me, so I slept in.

Later on we went to an awesome yoga class that was so hard that I'm still sore (it was almost a week ago)! It was dev's first time, but he was really good and really flexible. He must get it from his father.

We went to a Dodgers game which was really fun! we had great seats and it was a lot better then going to see the Salt Lake Bees- no offense...

Can you see the resemblance??

We got ice cream and they serve it in these cute mini dodger hats. mine was pink :)

Back in the old days, I had a phase where i loved the show "Newly Weds" with Nick Lache and Jessica Simpson. Turns out, their old house where it was filmed is just around the corner from Bob's. So, of course, I had to drive past it and text all of my friends about it.

Devin was embarrassed and wouldn't get out of the car

We went to the grand opening of a mall in santa monica. It was really awesome and they even have a burberry section- my favorite!!

Dinner at Houston's.

Basically it was a really fun trip and we can't wait to go again! Its always fun to see Devin's dad and see where Devin gets his sense of humor!


  1. Aww, this brings back good memories of living in LA. Dodger Games, Houston's, classic good times with Bob. We only lived about 25 minutes away from him so we got to play quite a bit. Glad you guys made it out and had such a great weekend!


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