Wednesday, September 29

tiresome training

For the past few months I have been training for a half marathon that i'm running on October 30th. I'm so excited! I have always "worked out" my whole life; I have had a gym membership for a long time, and have run occasional 5 k's here and there. But, I have never trained for anything big like this.

I have been following a training schedule, and it has whipped me into shape. It has slowly gotten me up to running 8 miles. Somehow I have stayed motivated and woken up at 5:45 to run each day. I always wonder why i'm so motivated to keep it going.

This saturday i'm going to be running 10 miles. Since we will be in St. George, i'm going to run the last 10 miles of the St. George Marathon with my dad. Hopefully I can cheer him up after he has hit the 16 mile marker and keep him excited about finishing. I'm really proud of him and can't wait to see him finish and be in the 10 year club. Go Dad!! (thanks for your good running genes.) and Woo Hoo for running!!!

love him!

Dev brought these home for me yesterday. Isn't he sweet and aren't these pretty?? I love him so much and he knows exactly how to make his girl happy :)

Sunday, September 26

wishing for the weekend.

is it a bad sign that I'm already wishing it was the weekend again?? I'm soooooooo excited for next weekend that I can't stand it. Here are the reasons why:

1. We are going to St. George!!! i'm excited to get out of provo for a quick vacation.
2. We get to see my dad run the St. George marathon. We are excited for him to finally be in the 10 year club.
3. Conference weekend is the best! I need some inspiration/motivation
4. We get to be with my family in our condo. My parents, ash, brad, and dev. We always have a good time.
5. I LOVE st. george. Especially during marathon weekend. It reminds me of when I was a little girl and we would go and cheer my dad on and then go to the outlet malls and I would get toys :)

So... hopefully i can pull it together and focus on this week instead of wishing it was 3:30 on friday already.

Saturday, September 25

move your feet- the music video. by dev and steph

This is what we did last night- it kept us entertained for about 6 or 7 hours.
Footage was taken all over provo; byu volleyball game, our apartment, a freshman party @ the cannon center, the byu library, and much more.

Friday, September 24

The unfinished music video

One of my favorite past times is making music videos. I have made a lot of music videos in my lifetime and have always found it very entertaining. One night, Devin, me and our friend's stefi and brad, got together and decided to make one. It was taking a really long time to make, and it was getting really late into the night, so we started getting really drowsy, tired, bored, and decided to give up. I completely forgot about the music video until tonight, so dev and I pulled it up on his computer and had a good laugh. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, September 22

kidism of the day

A little girl in my class comes up to me every morning and complains about one of her many ailments. Its either a head ache, a tummy ache, a heart ache, you name it- she's got it. This morning she came up to me with her typical pouty face and said, "Mrs. Rigg? My sleeves are too tight. Can I cut them?"

I wonder what she will come up with tomorrow.


amazing right?? I'm a sucker for a classic chocolate chip cookie. Usually I just stick with my family recipe (which is incredible) but the other day I saw these delightful cookies on one of my favorite blogs (cheeky kitchen) and I was determined to make them. I was intrigued by the fact that it calls for coconut oil instead of butter/margarine/shortening. It makes it almost seem healthy!... yes thats a joke.

The first batch that I made, I threw in the garbage because it just didn't look like the picture. I added more flour to make the dough thicker... but that didn't seem to do the trick. Still didn't look like the picture. Sometimes I fail at making online recipes. I blame the high altitude. But oh well! They taste pretty darn good!

Here are some pictures of my attempt. (compare with the photos above)

Tuesday, September 21

Anniversaries, carnivals, and kidisms

Tonight we went to dinner to celebrate Devin's grandparents' 54th wedding anniversary! It was really fun- as it always is when we get together with the Scott family! I forgot to get a picture while the grandparents were still there... so this is what I got...

I think this is a cool picture because they are all basically the same height... and totally good looking! :) I married into a good family.

This last weekend Devin and I went to the carnival at the elementary school where I'm student teaching. We played a few games... got fake tatoos... ate some carnival food... and rode the train. It was fun and Devin is such a good sport for going! I think he had fun though- and all the little girls loved him. He's also quite the trouble maker and was daring some boys to jump off the train while it was in motion.

Kidisms of the day:

  • A little girl came up to me this morning and said: "Mrs. Rigg? I forgot to take these pocket knives out of my pocket." (mmm. that's safe)
  • Before a math test today the teacher instructed the students to "show their work" so that if they put the wrong answer but do the problem correctly she can still give them points. I was walking around while they were taking the test and saw a boy erasing ALL of his work. I said, "Remember, don't erase your work." He responded, "But I'm not erasing my work, I'm erasing how i did the problem." ????? What????? So I said: "writing down the way that you did the problem is showing your work...." With surprise in his voice he said, " Oooooooooooohhhh. I get it."

This one's my favorite:
  • Today a fourth grader was walking back to his class from the library. He somehow got lost trying to find his class and decided to wander outside. The doors automatically lock and so he got locked out of the school. Instead of walking around to the front of the school and walking in the front door, he climbed up a tree and sat there crying for a while. Luckily someone found him and took him back to class. Poor little guy. My favorite part is that he climbed up a tree. Not sure how that helps the situation- but you gotta love the logic of a child.

Monday, September 20

The Guppies

We have finally made a decision- our two pet fish will be named Corpus Callosum and Gretchen.
Both fish are doing fine in their new home and we have great news!! Gretchen is pregnant! (yes i know, its actually pretty disgusting. she is pretty large. and large fish look weird.)

Tuesday, September 14

krazy kids!

Student teaching has been very enjoyable so far and I love the district I'm in, the school, the teachers, the students. Everything! It has been a completely different experience from my previous student teaching experiences, which is a good thing. I love how hilarious and random elementary aged students can be. For instance, one of my fifth grade boys brought me 2 nectarines today. He just walked up and handed them to me and then turned to walk away.
I said, "What are these?" (Meaning, why are you giving these to me.)
He replied with, "Oh they're nectarines." (Nice response)
Then I said, "Are they for me?"
and he said yes. SO CUTE!

Another instance that's not cute at all but kind of getting awkard is the fact that a bunch of the sixth grade boys have decided to call me "Mrs. Hottie." They try and find excuses to come to our fifth grade classroom during the day. Some girls in my class have my back though and always tell them, "EWWWW that's gross!! She's married!" (Nevermind the fact that I'm 12 years older than them.)

But nevertheless, this has led to quite the disturbance among the sixth grade girls. This morning before school started, 4 girls walked into my classroom. I could tell they thought they were "the cool ones of the school." Ya know- tons of make up, nice clothes, traveling in a pack... Definitely didn't look like elementary students at all.

They said in a sassy tone, "Are you the new student teacher??"
I said "yes.... why?"
"Oh well we wanted to meet you... All of the boys have been talking about you and calling you Mrs. Hottie. So we wanted to see who you were."
I had no idea how to respond so i said, "You girls are so funny..."

They stood there for a little bit longer and finally my teacher walked in and said, "Oh come on girls- I know what this is about...go tell the boys to grow up."

Sigh of relief...Thank you Mrs. Strunk!!

Sunday, September 12

steaks and snakes

This week we had ashley and brad over for dinner to bbq some steaks. mmm yummy. It's always fun to have them over!

We brought them inside after dinner and started youtubing random stuff. Devin decided to show them a video that I thought EVERYONE had seen. Its the one of the snake and at the very end it pops out at you really fast and makes you jump. (If you haven't seen it, I put it below. Viewer disgression is advised. Maybe sit a few feet away from the computer or something...)

Here is Ashley's reaction. I'm so happy that I got this on film.

Here is the video she was watching:

Saturday, September 11

Labor Day Weekend

Gotta love Labor Day Weekend- or any day that you don't have to go to school or work.

Friday night we went to a random Latin American Festival in Provo. It was alright- nothing too spectacular. But there were these crazy people boxing... very strange.

On Saturday, we went and played football (see previous posts) and I got hurt. Then we went to the BYU football game! I love the first game of the season! All of the excited fans, the smell of cougar dogs, the beautiful weather. And my favorite thing about football games is people watching. Most of the time I lose track of whats going on in the game because I just watch the fans and what they are doing. Its pretty entertaining.

After the game we went with Devin's family to Brick Oven for a late dinner. Always a true blue thing to do. and of course Cosmo made an appearance!

Monday was THE best!We went to Payson Onion Days! I actually was impressed with how big of an ordeal it was. There were a bunch of rides, lots of booths, lots of greasy food, and a show going on. I talked Devin into going on a ride with me: The Zipper (as seen in the picture). It was SO SCARY! We sat in a little box type thing and it would spin and flip you around. It was crazy! Luckily we saved Devin's iphone from flying out. I love those kinds of rides and I had such a good time and was laughing so hard that my abs were really sore. That's when you know its a fun ride.

Inside our little box waiting for the ride to start.

CORN!! It is the best this time of year!

Hot dogs- a must have at a fair.

While Devin was at school this week, I went out and bought 2 little fish. a boy and a girl. (Still getting Devin to appreciate them after I told him that they are supposed to reproduce and have 10 babies every 30 days. haha whoops!)

We are still trying to come up with names, so if you think of any, please comment!

Some of my favorites:
Kate and Leopold
Ping and Pong
Sunny and Cher
Corpus Callosum and Inferior Cerebellar Peduncle (Some of devin's neuro science terms)
George and Martha (Washington)
Troy and Gabriella (high school musical) Devin said no to this one.
Elle and Sye. (Elle=Elementary Ed and Sye=Neuro Science)

any suggestions or votes??

Tuesday, September 7

gotta love those cougars!

Devin is a TA for chemistry at BYU this semester. We have been getting a kick out of some of the student emails he has been receiving lately. Students (especially freshmen) couldn't be more hilarious and a bit clueless. Yes, I have been at BYU for 4 years and have figured out the college way of life, but some of the questions they ask only require basic common sense to answer.

For instance... tonight a student emailed Dev about his laptop not working very well.
He started out the email with, "Hey Devin, this is _____. You know, the dumb on from this morning." (always a good way to start off an email to someone who gives you grades)

He goes on to say, "As it stands my computer will not cooperate with me. I am not sure what to do, as this class seems to rely heavily on computer/internet submissions, and unfortunately me and computers have never gotten along at all... Is there anything I can do to make this contraption work for me, and if not, is there some way I can do the work without needing to rely on the computer?...."

Devin replied with a bit of sass:

"You are correct, this class and University rely heavily on computers. I'm not much of a computer savvy person myself, therefore I don't know how to fix your lap top. My only advice is to borrow a room mate's computer or use computers on campus until you find a solution. The library opens at 7am and closes at midnight. This should be a reasonable amount of time to finish your Mastering Chemistry homework. BYU also offers computer rentals for the semester. Contact the office of information technology for more information. With all the resources we have at the University you are expected to make it work. Good luck and I hope this helps. "

Poor kid.. no one to hold his hand anymore. Hope he can figure things out.

Saturday, September 4


People have limits as to what they can or can't do. I learned this today as I reluctantly played football with some guys and girls. Some people just can't play football, and I am one of them.

2 minutes (literally 2) into the game I was running to catch the ball when a guy slammed into me. His shoulder hit me in the face. I would have been fine except I was wearing sunglasses... poor choice... the sunglasses dug into my face and cut me, causing me to bleed a lot! it was pretty gross, as you can see from the pictures.

Devin took me to instacare and they stitched me up. I feel pretty hard core, but I must say that I learned that I should be more careful when it comes to any kind of sport. The doctor told me I should try joining the chess club. Truer words were never spoken.

Thursday, September 2

no pudge fudge

Hilarious package right? "No Pudge Fudge Brownies."
Call me crazy, (Devin did when he saw the package) but these are delicious and fat free!! all you have to do is add yogurt. I found them on the top shelf at Smith's and I thought I would give it a try and I give 2 thumbs up!

Wednesday, September 1

Photo op

Last week we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy some random things for the house. Dev has never been very enthusiastic about shopping for household supplies (a true man) and so when we went on this particular outing, i anticipated him not wanting to be there. However, I was surprised when I turned a corner in the kitchen towel section and found my poor little husband curled up on the ground saying " Help! I wanna go home!" Of course I pulled out my camera ASAP to capture this photo op.

Poor guy..