Tuesday, September 21

Anniversaries, carnivals, and kidisms

Tonight we went to dinner to celebrate Devin's grandparents' 54th wedding anniversary! It was really fun- as it always is when we get together with the Scott family! I forgot to get a picture while the grandparents were still there... so this is what I got...

I think this is a cool picture because they are all basically the same height... and totally good looking! :) I married into a good family.

This last weekend Devin and I went to the carnival at the elementary school where I'm student teaching. We played a few games... got fake tatoos... ate some carnival food... and rode the train. It was fun and Devin is such a good sport for going! I think he had fun though- and all the little girls loved him. He's also quite the trouble maker and was daring some boys to jump off the train while it was in motion.

Kidisms of the day:

  • A little girl came up to me this morning and said: "Mrs. Rigg? I forgot to take these pocket knives out of my pocket." (mmm. that's safe)
  • Before a math test today the teacher instructed the students to "show their work" so that if they put the wrong answer but do the problem correctly she can still give them points. I was walking around while they were taking the test and saw a boy erasing ALL of his work. I said, "Remember, don't erase your work." He responded, "But I'm not erasing my work, I'm erasing how i did the problem." ????? What????? So I said: "writing down the way that you did the problem is showing your work...." With surprise in his voice he said, " Oooooooooooohhhh. I get it."

This one's my favorite:
  • Today a fourth grader was walking back to his class from the library. He somehow got lost trying to find his class and decided to wander outside. The doors automatically lock and so he got locked out of the school. Instead of walking around to the front of the school and walking in the front door, he climbed up a tree and sat there crying for a while. Luckily someone found him and took him back to class. Poor little guy. My favorite part is that he climbed up a tree. Not sure how that helps the situation- but you gotta love the logic of a child.

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