Tuesday, September 7

gotta love those cougars!

Devin is a TA for chemistry at BYU this semester. We have been getting a kick out of some of the student emails he has been receiving lately. Students (especially freshmen) couldn't be more hilarious and a bit clueless. Yes, I have been at BYU for 4 years and have figured out the college way of life, but some of the questions they ask only require basic common sense to answer.

For instance... tonight a student emailed Dev about his laptop not working very well.
He started out the email with, "Hey Devin, this is _____. You know, the dumb on from this morning." (always a good way to start off an email to someone who gives you grades)

He goes on to say, "As it stands my computer will not cooperate with me. I am not sure what to do, as this class seems to rely heavily on computer/internet submissions, and unfortunately me and computers have never gotten along at all... Is there anything I can do to make this contraption work for me, and if not, is there some way I can do the work without needing to rely on the computer?...."

Devin replied with a bit of sass:

"You are correct, this class and University rely heavily on computers. I'm not much of a computer savvy person myself, therefore I don't know how to fix your lap top. My only advice is to borrow a room mate's computer or use computers on campus until you find a solution. The library opens at 7am and closes at midnight. This should be a reasonable amount of time to finish your Mastering Chemistry homework. BYU also offers computer rentals for the semester. Contact the office of information technology for more information. With all the resources we have at the University you are expected to make it work. Good luck and I hope this helps. "

Poor kid.. no one to hold his hand anymore. Hope he can figure things out.

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  1. Sad i feel bad for the kid should I send brad over to his rescue?


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