Tuesday, September 14

krazy kids!

Student teaching has been very enjoyable so far and I love the district I'm in, the school, the teachers, the students. Everything! It has been a completely different experience from my previous student teaching experiences, which is a good thing. I love how hilarious and random elementary aged students can be. For instance, one of my fifth grade boys brought me 2 nectarines today. He just walked up and handed them to me and then turned to walk away.
I said, "What are these?" (Meaning, why are you giving these to me.)
He replied with, "Oh they're nectarines." (Nice response)
Then I said, "Are they for me?"
and he said yes. SO CUTE!

Another instance that's not cute at all but kind of getting awkard is the fact that a bunch of the sixth grade boys have decided to call me "Mrs. Hottie." They try and find excuses to come to our fifth grade classroom during the day. Some girls in my class have my back though and always tell them, "EWWWW that's gross!! She's married!" (Nevermind the fact that I'm 12 years older than them.)

But nevertheless, this has led to quite the disturbance among the sixth grade girls. This morning before school started, 4 girls walked into my classroom. I could tell they thought they were "the cool ones of the school." Ya know- tons of make up, nice clothes, traveling in a pack... Definitely didn't look like elementary students at all.

They said in a sassy tone, "Are you the new student teacher??"
I said "yes.... why?"
"Oh well we wanted to meet you... All of the boys have been talking about you and calling you Mrs. Hottie. So we wanted to see who you were."
I had no idea how to respond so i said, "You girls are so funny..."

They stood there for a little bit longer and finally my teacher walked in and said, "Oh come on girls- I know what this is about...go tell the boys to grow up."

Sigh of relief...Thank you Mrs. Strunk!!


  1. hahaha i love how nate is 12 years older than me, it is creepy when you think of it when he was my age!

  2. That is hilarious! Being a young teacher you'll have plenty of moments like that. When I started teaching high school in California I was only 22 and just 4 years older than my seniors. Glad I was married but definitely didn't stop the kids from making hormone fueled peanut gallery comments. ; )


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