Saturday, September 11

Labor Day Weekend

Gotta love Labor Day Weekend- or any day that you don't have to go to school or work.

Friday night we went to a random Latin American Festival in Provo. It was alright- nothing too spectacular. But there were these crazy people boxing... very strange.

On Saturday, we went and played football (see previous posts) and I got hurt. Then we went to the BYU football game! I love the first game of the season! All of the excited fans, the smell of cougar dogs, the beautiful weather. And my favorite thing about football games is people watching. Most of the time I lose track of whats going on in the game because I just watch the fans and what they are doing. Its pretty entertaining.

After the game we went with Devin's family to Brick Oven for a late dinner. Always a true blue thing to do. and of course Cosmo made an appearance!

Monday was THE best!We went to Payson Onion Days! I actually was impressed with how big of an ordeal it was. There were a bunch of rides, lots of booths, lots of greasy food, and a show going on. I talked Devin into going on a ride with me: The Zipper (as seen in the picture). It was SO SCARY! We sat in a little box type thing and it would spin and flip you around. It was crazy! Luckily we saved Devin's iphone from flying out. I love those kinds of rides and I had such a good time and was laughing so hard that my abs were really sore. That's when you know its a fun ride.

Inside our little box waiting for the ride to start.

CORN!! It is the best this time of year!

Hot dogs- a must have at a fair.

While Devin was at school this week, I went out and bought 2 little fish. a boy and a girl. (Still getting Devin to appreciate them after I told him that they are supposed to reproduce and have 10 babies every 30 days. haha whoops!)

We are still trying to come up with names, so if you think of any, please comment!

Some of my favorites:
Kate and Leopold
Ping and Pong
Sunny and Cher
Corpus Callosum and Inferior Cerebellar Peduncle (Some of devin's neuro science terms)
George and Martha (Washington)
Troy and Gabriella (high school musical) Devin said no to this one.
Elle and Sye. (Elle=Elementary Ed and Sye=Neuro Science)

any suggestions or votes??

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  1. I'd say Corpus Callosum and Inferior Cerebellar Peduncle. But which one is the boy name and which is the girl. Maybe just stick with George and Martha.


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