Wednesday, September 1

Photo op

Last week we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy some random things for the house. Dev has never been very enthusiastic about shopping for household supplies (a true man) and so when we went on this particular outing, i anticipated him not wanting to be there. However, I was surprised when I turned a corner in the kitchen towel section and found my poor little husband curled up on the ground saying " Help! I wanna go home!" Of course I pulled out my camera ASAP to capture this photo op.

Poor guy..


  1. Josh hates it there too. In fact during a round of the newlywed game, he said I waste the most money on, "dishes and other crap from bed bath and beyond." This picture is hilarious. Poor Devin, but what a great blogging oppportunity.

  2. I love this picture! Just take me next time and let Devin play with Brad.


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