Wednesday, September 29

tiresome training

For the past few months I have been training for a half marathon that i'm running on October 30th. I'm so excited! I have always "worked out" my whole life; I have had a gym membership for a long time, and have run occasional 5 k's here and there. But, I have never trained for anything big like this.

I have been following a training schedule, and it has whipped me into shape. It has slowly gotten me up to running 8 miles. Somehow I have stayed motivated and woken up at 5:45 to run each day. I always wonder why i'm so motivated to keep it going.

This saturday i'm going to be running 10 miles. Since we will be in St. George, i'm going to run the last 10 miles of the St. George Marathon with my dad. Hopefully I can cheer him up after he has hit the 16 mile marker and keep him excited about finishing. I'm really proud of him and can't wait to see him finish and be in the 10 year club. Go Dad!! (thanks for your good running genes.) and Woo Hoo for running!!!


  1. steph that is so awesome! im so excited for your half marathon! whoot whoot

  2. Awesome girl! I ran my first half last year and it wasn't long before I did a full. Watch out, you will get addicted! : ) Have fun in St George and good luck on your 10 miler, that will be fun to run it on the course with your Dad. Tell Dev to take pics!!


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