Sunday, October 31

my first half marathon!

Yesterday I ran in the provo halloween half marathon! When the school year started I decided I wanted something to train for and to keep me motivated, so I searched online for a race to do. I also looked up a training schedule and decided to follow it in order to get ready. Everything went according to plan and I was totally ready for the big day. It was so much fun! and I reached my goal of completing it under 2 hours- (I finished in 1:58) I was really excited! It feels so great to accomplish something you've been working towards for months.

The aftermath: I am SO sore today. So sore that I couldn't even stand up this morning- and I have barely been able to walk today. Its really embarrassing and devin just laughs at me and says I walk like a grandma. The reason for the soreness is that the first 5 miles were completely downhill-from aspen grove to the canyon. I should've taken it slower than I did, but I got so excited and the adrenaline was pumping, that I did the first 5 miles at a 7 1/2 minute mile pace. CRAZY! i was flyin down that mountain. But because of the pounding of my legs on that hard concrete, my calf muscles were completely cramped for the last 8 miles of the race. it was awful, but serves me right for pushing myself that hard.

Anyway... the race was great and i'm really happy i did it. Hopefully I can do a full marathon one day. Here are some pictures.

6:30 a.m. about to leave for the race in my lady bug costume

**Side note: I have the best husband. He stood in line with me at 6:45 a.m. in the dark and cold. There was a crazy long line of runners to get on the buses to go up to aspen grove, and he waited until I got on. I love him!

The finish line:

Ash and Devin came to cheer me on!

Saturday, October 30


Before I begin, I just have to say that all of the credit goes to
Becca and Taber Rigg for posting the winners of their costume party on their blog. Without the pictures, we wouldn't have gotten the idea.

So... drum roll please.

We won our ward costume party contest!!!

I have always wanted to win a costume party- cuz that means you're pretty cool right? So, we have been searching online all week for costume ideas. We wanted something unique, funny, cute, etc. All of the components for the winning costumes. So we decided to be popcorn and cotton candy! (Like I mentioned above, we copied a costume we saw on the Becca and Taber Rigg's blog.)

On friday I spent all day trying to find parts of our costumes and spent an hour and a half gluing popcorn onto Devin's shirt. But it was all worth it to have the glory of having the bishop announce us as the winners. Woo hoo!! My life is complete. Here are some pictures.

Our props:


Cotton Candy:

Our pumpkin that we carved and dev imitating it. (we aren't very creative when it comes to pumpkins)

The actual winner's pumpkin. They did such a good job!!

Some of our favorites:
Antoine Dodson and news reporter

The Obamas. (He really looks like Obama! you should see him in person)

I need to stop bragging, but it has been such a successful halloween that i just can't help it!! We also won the mummy wrapping contest. Go team go!!

In the next post: pictures of my first half marathon!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27

my husband: voice of an angel

The Bishop called Devin tonight. As soon as we saw who was calling, we knew Devin would be getting a ward calling. I thought it would be activities committee... sunday school teacher... something legit like that. But his calling is:

Ward choir member....

Yeah you read that right. Not ward choir director, or sacrament meeting chorister. A member of the ward choir. Devin's response was: Do I have to be set apart for that? The Bishop replied, "No. But do you have a calling?"
Devin: "Um. No."
Bishop: "Well in that case, we'll set you apart and announce it at church on sunday."

I have never heard of that but I think its pretty hilarious. And what an awesome calling! You just give up 30 minutes each sunday to sing and you're done. Gotta love it. They must have heard what an amazing voice devin has!

Monday, October 25

Weekend Adventure

This weekend we went to Grand Junction, Colorado. We were picked up by Devin's dad, Bob, and grandma-ma. Then we drove the short 3 1/2 hour drive to our destination. The trip was a lot of fun. Seeing family is always a blast! Devin went hunting with his grandpa, uncle, cousin, and dad while I sat in the hotel and went to lunch at the "Feed Lot" with grandma-ma and aunt kathy. (It really is called the feed lot. Gotta love small towns.)

We also went to Devin's cousin's homecoming. I had never met cousin Eric before, so that was fun to get to know him.

We had a lovely tour of Grand Junction. Bob pointed out all the cool hang out spots and the houses that he grew up in. It was a fun walk down memory lane!

Uncle, Dev, Cousin Eric, Bob

I love grandpa Bob's hat.

The trip down memory lane... Where Bob went to High school. (Grandma was sad because the old high school where she went to school is torn down... How sad.)

We went on a sunday drive up to a look out point- which looks out over grand junction. It was gorgeous! It reminded me of the grand canyon- just not as huge.

This is a very large house we saw... We told Bob we want him to live there and we will come with our children and stay with him. So we took a picture of his "future" home.

More pictures to come!

Sunday, October 24

half way

Thursday was my last day student teaching in 5th grade :( I miss my little class so much. They were so sweet to me on my last day and brought me tons of gifts! soda pop, notes, tons of candy, and they all chipped in to give me and dev a date night to coldstone and the movies. One girl even gave me her phone number and underneath it is said, "call me". When I got home from school I put all of the goodies on the counter. Here they are:

I had such a great experience with my first half of student teaching. And it helped that I had an amazing cooperating teacher. She taught me a lot and made student teaching fun! It is definitely bitter sweet to be going to a different school/grade now, but I am this much closer to being finished and on to teaching my own class. I also am turning in my big capstone project tomorrow which is a 30 page paper. I can't believe I'm close to graduating!!

Now on to teach 6th grade!!

Tuesday, October 19


My goal this semester is to have more patience.

Exhibit A...

Each day I teach writing, math, social studies, reading etc. Each lesson is about an hour long. Usually I talk or instruct for 30 minutes and then have the students do an activity, assignment or something like that. After every single lesson, after I have explained every little concept and instruction to death, the same little girl comes up to me each day and says: "What are we doing?" or "What am I supposed to do?" or "What's going on?"(now, understand that I have just explained what they are supposed to do or how they should do it... she just doesn't like to pay attention) Every time she says this (so multiple times a day) I just want to pull my hair out!! Its so frustrating! But my goal is to be patient with the little one. So far I have responded as kindly as possible and I reteach her everything that has just been explained.

Every day I admire teachers more and more.

Sunday, October 17

max gxl

This weekend we went up to Salt Lake on Friday and Saturday to a convention for Max International. It is a multilevel marketing company started by Devin's stepdad. They sell products that naturally increase your energy, detoxify your body, and strengthen your immune system. I have actually been taking Max GXL (one of their products) since June and have noticed a HUGE change in my life. I have been able to exercise everyday and train for my half marathon- without soreness or tiredness which has resulted in having a lot of motivation. Max GXL increases your body's glutathione levels which helps people recover faster, strengthens the immune system, slows the aging process, and lowers the vulnerability to cell damage and disease.

I have always been cautious when it comes to these types of companies and rightfully so. Who wants to put random pills into their body if they aren't completely aware of what is in it? But, Max products are all natural, and are just like putting vitamins into your body. I have become very excited about this company and its products because of what it has done for me. I'm the only student teacher in my district (there are about 20 of us) who hasn't been sick yet this semester from being around children all day. My immune system has definitely increased. Love it!!

Wow... so that wasn't a commercial or trying to sell anyone on it, but I'm just really excited about the results and how healthy I have been.

The convention was fun to go to because after the different speakers and meetings, a ton of people would come up to steve (Devin's stepdad) and express their gratitude for this product. A lot of the people used to have legitimate problems and were going to a ton of different doctors but they were just prescribed a lot of medicine. When they came across max, it had a huge effect on them and they are totally healthy now. It was amazing to see how many lives it is changing.

Devin and me with the man of the hour...

The CEO, the co owners (Steve), and the president of the company

Go figure- there's a huge market for this in puerto rico. They are a lively bunch and were really excited to be there. Flags, drums, and all

We ventured into the "Club Max Store" and looked at the different products and REALLY cute clothes. Here is dev with a dvd with steve on the cover.

I have a thing for smart people.. Here is Devin and his brother Sean with the brains behind max. They are the scientists who created it. Pretty awesome!

Our future. This is a couple that we met who are max associates and we decided that this is us in about 40 years. He is a doctor in Nashville and that is his wife next to him.

The company has been working on a fundraiser this year to prevent child abuse. They had a children's choir sing some songs and they had a little presentation about child abuse. I just have to say that I had always loved children before I started my major, but by working with kids everyday and being around them, I have just grown to love them more and more. Anytime I hear about child abuse on the news, I cry. I can't believe we live in a world where evil people harm the most innocent of people on earth: children. So i'll just say that this fundraiser for child abuse definitely struck a chord and I whipped out that checkbook asap.

Fall Study Break

BYU doesn't get a fall break... but luckily, the school i'm student teaching at had a fall break thursday and friday!! It was really nice to have a couple days off- poor devin though. One day he will have a break!...maybe

On Thursday I baked all day for a little get together we had that night. I had a pretty good time coming up with random halloween treats and they were pretty delicious too! I made hot dog mummies, frankenstein rice krispy treats, and spider cupcakes. And then of course we had chips and salsa, vegetables and dip, and a cauldron full of root beer and dry ice.

We had a lot of fun seeing a bunch of our friends and catching up with them. Here are some pictures.

The Food:

Cousin Tessa:

Katya (old room mate), Mike (husband of old room mate), and Tiffany (highschool friend, college room mate, and now fellow teacher at the same school)

"candid" shot of Devin's pals

my old russian room mate katya! haven't seen her since our wedding

Friday, October 15

Happy Birthday to my mama!

The week started off by celebrating my mama's birthday. She is such an amazing lady and I'm lucky to have her as my mom. She has taught me a lot and is always there for me if I need to talk. She is excellent with giving advice too. So, for her birthday I made her a lovely "diorama". I'm definitely in the elementary school mode. See the picture below.

For her birthday we had sushi at Happy Sumo. DELICIOUS. I love it there.

Happy Birthday mom! I love you!

Sunday, October 10

other weekend activities

Gotta love the weekend right?

Friday night we went to dinner with Devin's cousins: Jordan and Tessa and uncle: Taber. We went to the classic Provo food joint- J Dawg's. MMMM so delicious. It was a lot of fun to get together with them and get to know Taber better. I only had the chance of meeting him briefly at our wedding and so it was good to see him. He has the same voice as Devin's dad! It makes sense because they're related, but it was crazy! I'm not sure if Devin really agreed with me on that one, but I'm sticking to it.

Here's a picture of the gang!

Saturday morning, Dev and I got up fairly early. He had a flag football game, and I ran in the homecoming 5k. Dev's team barely lost by 1 point, but he caught the final touchdown! I'm so proud! And I set a personal record- 26 minutes for my 5K. + i got an awesome t-shirt+ renewed my motivation for my half marathon training. 20 days until my half marathon!! I'm feeling good though because yesterday I ran 11 miles.. I definitely can run 2 more for the race.

What a great weekend. And this week gets even better!! The elementary school I am student teaching at gets fall break, so i'm out of school Thursday and Friday. Woo Hoo!!

Happy 10-10-10!!!

BYU homecoming tail gate party

Since last year my parents have thrown a tail gate party before the byu homecoming game. My mom always has delicious food there and a lot of people come. This year it was a success! and it didn't even rain this time!

My mom went all out (she knows how to throw a good party.) She got 2 big blue tents, byu goodie bags for a prize drawing, byu flags, byu mints, and just tons of byu paraphernalia. And I made blue football cookies.

Waiting for guests to arrive.

mmmm. devin loves bratwursts

The set up

my cute football cookies :)

The goodies for the prize drawing.

BBQing up a storm! classic blaine picture taking face

Ash and dev's brother, sean. Love his hat

our friend alex and his sister katherine

Dev's friends brad, jon, and cousin jordan.

Ash, Michael Scott Price, and Dev

Katherine (highschool/homeward/byu friend) and husband

Brad, Ash, and Ashley's byu friends.