Sunday, October 10

BYU homecoming tail gate party

Since last year my parents have thrown a tail gate party before the byu homecoming game. My mom always has delicious food there and a lot of people come. This year it was a success! and it didn't even rain this time!

My mom went all out (she knows how to throw a good party.) She got 2 big blue tents, byu goodie bags for a prize drawing, byu flags, byu mints, and just tons of byu paraphernalia. And I made blue football cookies.

Waiting for guests to arrive.

mmmm. devin loves bratwursts

The set up

my cute football cookies :)

The goodies for the prize drawing.

BBQing up a storm! classic blaine picture taking face

Ash and dev's brother, sean. Love his hat

our friend alex and his sister katherine

Dev's friends brad, jon, and cousin jordan.

Ash, Michael Scott Price, and Dev

Katherine (highschool/homeward/byu friend) and husband

Brad, Ash, and Ashley's byu friends.


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  1. YESSS we made it on your blog!!! Also... I saw you running today down by the dorms- lookin good! I didn't know you were doing a half, way to be girl!


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