Sunday, October 17

Fall Study Break

BYU doesn't get a fall break... but luckily, the school i'm student teaching at had a fall break thursday and friday!! It was really nice to have a couple days off- poor devin though. One day he will have a break!...maybe

On Thursday I baked all day for a little get together we had that night. I had a pretty good time coming up with random halloween treats and they were pretty delicious too! I made hot dog mummies, frankenstein rice krispy treats, and spider cupcakes. And then of course we had chips and salsa, vegetables and dip, and a cauldron full of root beer and dry ice.

We had a lot of fun seeing a bunch of our friends and catching up with them. Here are some pictures.

The Food:

Cousin Tessa:

Katya (old room mate), Mike (husband of old room mate), and Tiffany (highschool friend, college room mate, and now fellow teacher at the same school)

"candid" shot of Devin's pals

my old russian room mate katya! haven't seen her since our wedding

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