Sunday, October 24

half way

Thursday was my last day student teaching in 5th grade :( I miss my little class so much. They were so sweet to me on my last day and brought me tons of gifts! soda pop, notes, tons of candy, and they all chipped in to give me and dev a date night to coldstone and the movies. One girl even gave me her phone number and underneath it is said, "call me". When I got home from school I put all of the goodies on the counter. Here they are:

I had such a great experience with my first half of student teaching. And it helped that I had an amazing cooperating teacher. She taught me a lot and made student teaching fun! It is definitely bitter sweet to be going to a different school/grade now, but I am this much closer to being finished and on to teaching my own class. I also am turning in my big capstone project tomorrow which is a 30 page paper. I can't believe I'm close to graduating!!

Now on to teach 6th grade!!

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  1. How fun. You are going to be a great teacher. You are brave. When I was doing fieldwork I did not want to do 4th grade and above. That takes a lot of patients and work. You are almost there!!!


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