Sunday, October 17

max gxl

This weekend we went up to Salt Lake on Friday and Saturday to a convention for Max International. It is a multilevel marketing company started by Devin's stepdad. They sell products that naturally increase your energy, detoxify your body, and strengthen your immune system. I have actually been taking Max GXL (one of their products) since June and have noticed a HUGE change in my life. I have been able to exercise everyday and train for my half marathon- without soreness or tiredness which has resulted in having a lot of motivation. Max GXL increases your body's glutathione levels which helps people recover faster, strengthens the immune system, slows the aging process, and lowers the vulnerability to cell damage and disease.

I have always been cautious when it comes to these types of companies and rightfully so. Who wants to put random pills into their body if they aren't completely aware of what is in it? But, Max products are all natural, and are just like putting vitamins into your body. I have become very excited about this company and its products because of what it has done for me. I'm the only student teacher in my district (there are about 20 of us) who hasn't been sick yet this semester from being around children all day. My immune system has definitely increased. Love it!!

Wow... so that wasn't a commercial or trying to sell anyone on it, but I'm just really excited about the results and how healthy I have been.

The convention was fun to go to because after the different speakers and meetings, a ton of people would come up to steve (Devin's stepdad) and express their gratitude for this product. A lot of the people used to have legitimate problems and were going to a ton of different doctors but they were just prescribed a lot of medicine. When they came across max, it had a huge effect on them and they are totally healthy now. It was amazing to see how many lives it is changing.

Devin and me with the man of the hour...

The CEO, the co owners (Steve), and the president of the company

Go figure- there's a huge market for this in puerto rico. They are a lively bunch and were really excited to be there. Flags, drums, and all

We ventured into the "Club Max Store" and looked at the different products and REALLY cute clothes. Here is dev with a dvd with steve on the cover.

I have a thing for smart people.. Here is Devin and his brother Sean with the brains behind max. They are the scientists who created it. Pretty awesome!

Our future. This is a couple that we met who are max associates and we decided that this is us in about 40 years. He is a doctor in Nashville and that is his wife next to him.

The company has been working on a fundraiser this year to prevent child abuse. They had a children's choir sing some songs and they had a little presentation about child abuse. I just have to say that I had always loved children before I started my major, but by working with kids everyday and being around them, I have just grown to love them more and more. Anytime I hear about child abuse on the news, I cry. I can't believe we live in a world where evil people harm the most innocent of people on earth: children. So i'll just say that this fundraiser for child abuse definitely struck a chord and I whipped out that checkbook asap.

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