Wednesday, October 27

my husband: voice of an angel

The Bishop called Devin tonight. As soon as we saw who was calling, we knew Devin would be getting a ward calling. I thought it would be activities committee... sunday school teacher... something legit like that. But his calling is:

Ward choir member....

Yeah you read that right. Not ward choir director, or sacrament meeting chorister. A member of the ward choir. Devin's response was: Do I have to be set apart for that? The Bishop replied, "No. But do you have a calling?"
Devin: "Um. No."
Bishop: "Well in that case, we'll set you apart and announce it at church on sunday."

I have never heard of that but I think its pretty hilarious. And what an awesome calling! You just give up 30 minutes each sunday to sing and you're done. Gotta love it. They must have heard what an amazing voice devin has!

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  1. That's hilarious! I want that calling. We don't even have a ward choir out here in IL


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