Sunday, October 10

other weekend activities

Gotta love the weekend right?

Friday night we went to dinner with Devin's cousins: Jordan and Tessa and uncle: Taber. We went to the classic Provo food joint- J Dawg's. MMMM so delicious. It was a lot of fun to get together with them and get to know Taber better. I only had the chance of meeting him briefly at our wedding and so it was good to see him. He has the same voice as Devin's dad! It makes sense because they're related, but it was crazy! I'm not sure if Devin really agreed with me on that one, but I'm sticking to it.

Here's a picture of the gang!

Saturday morning, Dev and I got up fairly early. He had a flag football game, and I ran in the homecoming 5k. Dev's team barely lost by 1 point, but he caught the final touchdown! I'm so proud! And I set a personal record- 26 minutes for my 5K. + i got an awesome t-shirt+ renewed my motivation for my half marathon training. 20 days until my half marathon!! I'm feeling good though because yesterday I ran 11 miles.. I definitely can run 2 more for the race.

What a great weekend. And this week gets even better!! The elementary school I am student teaching at gets fall break, so i'm out of school Thursday and Friday. Woo Hoo!!

Happy 10-10-10!!!

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  1. yay! So glad Taber got to see you guys! He totally talks like Bob, and they all talk like G-pa Rigg. It's the craziest thing! Great job on your 5K! I'm excited to see how your half marathon goes, I'm sure you'll do awesome!


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