Tuesday, October 19


My goal this semester is to have more patience.

Exhibit A...

Each day I teach writing, math, social studies, reading etc. Each lesson is about an hour long. Usually I talk or instruct for 30 minutes and then have the students do an activity, assignment or something like that. After every single lesson, after I have explained every little concept and instruction to death, the same little girl comes up to me each day and says: "What are we doing?" or "What am I supposed to do?" or "What's going on?"(now, understand that I have just explained what they are supposed to do or how they should do it... she just doesn't like to pay attention) Every time she says this (so multiple times a day) I just want to pull my hair out!! Its so frustrating! But my goal is to be patient with the little one. So far I have responded as kindly as possible and I reteach her everything that has just been explained.

Every day I admire teachers more and more.


  1. Ya... don't pull out the kid's hair, I feel like that would be frowned upon.

  2. haha not the kid's hair... my own hair. and yes... child abuse is frowned upon


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