Saturday, October 30


Before I begin, I just have to say that all of the credit goes to
Becca and Taber Rigg for posting the winners of their costume party on their blog. Without the pictures, we wouldn't have gotten the idea.

So... drum roll please.

We won our ward costume party contest!!!

I have always wanted to win a costume party- cuz that means you're pretty cool right? So, we have been searching online all week for costume ideas. We wanted something unique, funny, cute, etc. All of the components for the winning costumes. So we decided to be popcorn and cotton candy! (Like I mentioned above, we copied a costume we saw on the Becca and Taber Rigg's blog.)

On friday I spent all day trying to find parts of our costumes and spent an hour and a half gluing popcorn onto Devin's shirt. But it was all worth it to have the glory of having the bishop announce us as the winners. Woo hoo!! My life is complete. Here are some pictures.

Our props:


Cotton Candy:

Our pumpkin that we carved and dev imitating it. (we aren't very creative when it comes to pumpkins)

The actual winner's pumpkin. They did such a good job!!

Some of our favorites:
Antoine Dodson and news reporter

The Obamas. (He really looks like Obama! you should see him in person)

I need to stop bragging, but it has been such a successful halloween that i just can't help it!! We also won the mummy wrapping contest. Go team go!!

In the next post: pictures of my first half marathon!!!!!

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  1. Hahahaha! AWESOME!!! I love that I get partial credit for your spectacular win! That's so cool you guys took first!! I'm impressed that you pulled it all together so quickly too! You guys look great!


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