Monday, October 25

Weekend Adventure

This weekend we went to Grand Junction, Colorado. We were picked up by Devin's dad, Bob, and grandma-ma. Then we drove the short 3 1/2 hour drive to our destination. The trip was a lot of fun. Seeing family is always a blast! Devin went hunting with his grandpa, uncle, cousin, and dad while I sat in the hotel and went to lunch at the "Feed Lot" with grandma-ma and aunt kathy. (It really is called the feed lot. Gotta love small towns.)

We also went to Devin's cousin's homecoming. I had never met cousin Eric before, so that was fun to get to know him.

We had a lovely tour of Grand Junction. Bob pointed out all the cool hang out spots and the houses that he grew up in. It was a fun walk down memory lane!

Uncle, Dev, Cousin Eric, Bob

I love grandpa Bob's hat.

The trip down memory lane... Where Bob went to High school. (Grandma was sad because the old high school where she went to school is torn down... How sad.)

We went on a sunday drive up to a look out point- which looks out over grand junction. It was gorgeous! It reminded me of the grand canyon- just not as huge.

This is a very large house we saw... We told Bob we want him to live there and we will come with our children and stay with him. So we took a picture of his "future" home.

More pictures to come!

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  1. Lol! Gotta love Papa Rigg's hats. So fun that you got to go out for Eric's homecoming. Love the pics of the boys in their hunting gear. And I agree, Bob definitely needs to buy that house, we'd DEFINITELY come visit! ; )


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