Monday, November 22

bar mitzvah!!

This weekend we went to the most amazing bar mitzvah in the history of bar mitzvahs! It was such a fun event and I'm happy we were able to take a day off of school to go.

The first night we got there we took a stroll around DC at night. The monuments and memorials are GORGEOUS at night. All lit up and just stunning. We stayed about a block away from the white house/ washington memorial at the W hotel. Its an amazing, modern hotel. So fun!
The fam at the White House:

Our cool bathroom:

Outside our hotel:

My new jacket:

A definite highlight of the trip was going to breakfast with my best friend Stefi! She is going to grad school at George Washington University (she is pretty legit). I miss the good old days with her at junior high.... high school.... college.... We've had some good times and so it was fun to see her.

Fed ex stadium. Part of the Bar mitzvah was going to a penn state vs. indiana game. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect! We had a great view from the box seats.

our view of the game

And the party begins!! It all started with the traditional Bar Mitzvah Ceremony. It was really cool to see the traditions of another religion. I was really impressed with all of the reading and memorization of hebrew that andrew had to do. And he's only 13!!

After the ceremony, the party began! They had 2 rooms for appetizers- one for kids and one for adults. The kids room had 2 NFL football players signing autographs and delicious appetizers.

For the adults, we had amazing sushi, drinks, and random appetizers!

I felt super blonde/white the whole night. Me, Shannon, and Hallie stood out- and we also happened to be the only ones not wearing black. haha whoops!

After appetizers, they opened these huge doors to the ballroom for the main event. The ballroom was GORGEOUS!! As beautiful as any wedding you would see in a magazine but keep in mind this was for a 13 year old. They went all out! It was incredible. I was obsessed with the table settings. It was all black and white with different flower arrangements- This one below is yellow roses.

They even did the thing where they put andrew on a chair and throw him around. It was pretty awesome.

Devin getting his groove on. At the party they were throwing tons of stuff out to the crowd such as the sunglasses and hat devin is wearing.

The morning after, there was a brunch for the bar mitzvah on the top floor of our hotel. It looked out over DC and was one of the best views I have ever seen!

After brunch, we went and visited some of the main memorials/monuments. The first stop was Lincoln Memorial- always breathtaking.

The capitol building.

The washington monument


It was a quick, but eventful trip! It was fun to see the practices of another religion and to learn more about them. It also was one of the most amazing parties I have ever seen! They really know how to party!

Well, we just unpacked,did our laundry, and now we are starting to re-pack for Thanksgiving in Seattle. I'm so excited to spend thanksgiving with Devin! Its our first one actually in the same vicinity. It also will be fun to see my cousins, family, parents, sister, etc. ...and to get out of Utah.

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