Wednesday, November 17

an eventful day

I could probably do 10 different posts to represent the day. It has been very eventful!

6:30 a.m. Woke up, got ready, made lunches
7:40- Dropped Devin off and drove to school.
8:00 to 12:00- taught nonstop- nothing too exciting
1:00- Chinese cultural day. I taught an awesome lesson about China. I had all of these artifacts from my friend Emily(she went on a mission to Hong Kong). I also wore a komono and played chinese music as the kids came in from recess. They also got to eat fortune cookies and I taught them a chinese song. By the end, they were going nuts! They were super hyper and I was ready to send them home by time school ended. Here is the song.

3:00-5:00- I spent my time in the teacher work room making posters and various items. I was fantasizing about owning a cricut. I AM OBSESSED. I want one as much as I want Toms. A cricut is basically the most amazing machine ever that cuts letters and shapes out for you to glue onto posters, cards, ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE! the possibilities are endless. Here is a picture of my beautiful poster I'm working on:

5:00-5:15 Beautiful drive back to provo:

5:00- 6:00- tried to find devin's parent's friend at the state hospital. They wanted to send her a card but they weren't going to be in provo for a while, so we said we would take it. (Which means I would take it). So i was wandering around the state hospital in the dark, going to 3 different buildings- all wrong. They are super secretive there and keep everything locked (as they should). The 4th building I went to, I was in a lobby with TONS of patients wandering around, all staring at me, and I was about to see this lady. But all of a sudden I was being pushed out by one of the staff through 2 sets of locked doors and escorted to my car and told that I couldn't be there during the night shift.... They took the card from me and i went on my way... Super sketchy.

6:00-8:00- Making turkeys with sister for my class to get them in the thanksgiving spirit!!

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  1. It's ok, Steph. I did a clinical for like 7 hours a week for like 6 weeks and the most I ever did was play frisbee golf with some patients. They're really, really strict. I'm surprised you got into any building after hours, we had to have keys for everything!


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