Tuesday, November 2

News to me...

Last weekend I got an email from BYU saying I have until November 23 to finish a BYU independent study course that I'm taking online...


As in... the class I haven't started on yet??

So the past few nights I have been at the beautiful Provo Library (pictured in this post) to work on my Children's Literature class- my last official class at BYU. Luckily it is a class where it is all reading and responses... but it is definitely time consuming!

Wish me luck as I finish a course in 20 days. YIKES!

**The highlight of this whole experience. I got a really cute library card with a frog on it.

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  1. I did that same class online and totally put it off! I remember trying to cram in all the books, and the poems, ugh... But you can do it! Read, read, read!


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