Tuesday, December 7

the best

This week we got our wedding video (finally). It was well worth the wait. It is the most amazing video ever- and not just because it's about our wedding :) Ryan Hinman is one of the best videographers in Utah and he did an incredible job! His styling is very unique and it almost is like a documentary instead of a typical wedding video. I have watched it a lot the last few days and am happy to show it to just about anyone. So, if you are ever bored, feel free to come by.

We also got our disc of pictures back, so please excuse me while i reminisce...

This one's for you Becca:

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  1. AW! Such a cute picture of you and Brinsie! Love it! How fun to get your wedding video back, I loved getting ours and watched it over and over. It's always fun to pull it out on your anniversary and reminisce. : )


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