Monday, December 27

christmas partying

This post is just up until christmas eve. there is just so much that has gone on!
After we got back from LA, we went to a christmas party every single night.
  • neighborhood christmas party
  • L. King christmas party
  • Devin's grandparents christmas party
  • Anderson christmas party
We've been busy! Here are some pictures.

Us and L. King.

They had a cute christmas program in their living room where a bunch of people performed.

Christmas Eve party at my house. We had a bunch of family over and had a delicious dinner, followed by singing christmas carols around the piano.

Devin and I accompanying the singing

The men singing.

After the party at my house, we went up to Devin's house to read the Christmas story and to open pajamas. The boys all got these awesome tight shirts (shannon got the wrong size). So they were showing off their muscles.

And I got cute pink candy cane pajamas :)

Then, we went back to my house (gotta love having 2 christmases with 2 families). And we opened our second set of pajamas. We all had matching ski utah shirts.

So of course we decided to make a family pyramid. It was pretty hilarious.

pictures of christmas day to come!!!

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