Tuesday, December 28


Christmas Day!!!
Christmas was so much fun! It was great to spend it with 2 families. Here are some pictures.

First we went skiing with my family up at Brighton. It was the PERFECT day. Sunny, no one else was there, and it was great snow. The perfect ski conditions!

Mom and Dad

Dev and I at the top of the lift.

Ash and Brad, and Dad.


Dev and Dad

Dad at the top of the mountain. such a gorgeous view!

After skiing, we came back to open presents. This is one of Devin's presents from me: a tool set!

Awesome reaction to his xbox kinect from mom and dad!

i got a CRICUT!!!! so awesome!

ash got a sweet camera! and brad got an awesome coat! they are very happy.

Dad wrapped mom's present really awesome.

After we opened presents at our house, we went to Devin's parents' to open even more presents! crazy day!
Devin got a sweater:

We gave ryan an awesome shirt (its an inside joke)

Hallie is the most amazing 4th grader ever and all she wanted was books. So adorable. We got her "Mandy", "Ella Enchanted", and "Indian Captive". I hope my children are like her.

We got sean a sweet hat and a zelda belt buckle. love this kid.

The day after christmas we went to dinner at my grandma's house. We were all decked out in our new christmas outfits!

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  1. I love Devin's face when opening the KINECT so classic!


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