Tuesday, December 14

cleaning like crazy and 7 baby fish

Tonight my parents came over for dinner. Sooo of course i spent the whole afternoon cleaning and getting ready for it. cleaning the kitchen... living room... bedroom... bathroom (which they didn't even use)

My mom is an incredible cook, decorator, etc. So, being her daughter, I felt like i had to live up to her standards or something. Anyway.. the dinner basically went without a hitch and I even put some extra effort into decorating the table all christmasy! (my inspiration comes from another favorite blog.) We ate some yummy lemon garlic shrimp over angel hair pasta, garlic bread, and green beans. yummy.

Question for anyone out there who comes across this lovely blog:
What makes you nervous? or makes you clean like crazy?

my answer: mom and dad coming over makes me nervous. and the fact that i have to substitute 6th grade tomorrow makes me nervous too. ahh!!

p.s. our fish had 7 tiny tiny babies tonight. They are so cute and their eyes look like poppy seeds! you can barely see them in this picture. off to the left.


  1. So cute steph! I do the same thing when my family comes over ha. Guess what - we have the same dishes and glasses! We are awesome.


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