Friday, December 10

the end.

student teaching is over!! I never thought this day would come! At the beginning of the semester I felt like I had such a long road ahead of me, but this semester flew by- and I'm very happy about that.

Yesterday was a lot of fun and a great way to spend my last day. The whole 6th grade had a medieval tournament and feast so of course I volunteered to make up a medieval dance to teach them. Luckily my sister came up with some sweet moves from A Knight's Tale for me to teach the kids. And Devin was a good sport to practice the dance moves with me at 11:00 the night before.

This is my class. Can you tell which one is me? 6th graders are pretty giant these days.

They were so sweet and brought me tons of gifts. They even threatened to cough on their teacher so he would get sick and I could keep teaching them. haha nice..

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