Friday, December 31

one year

Exactly one year ago Devin proposed. It's amazing what can happen in one year.

2010 was definitely one of the best and brought a lot of wonderful, unforgettable memories. Its been nice to sit down and reflect on how blessed we are.


January: The proposal in NYC

February: Valentines Day in St. George

a really long month of a student teaching experience... and lots of wedding planning. I'm not sure if i have any pictures to show for march.

Temple for the first time!!! Both of our birthdays. and Ashley and Brad's Wedding!!

More wedding planning + engagement photos

June: Best month ever! Wedding time!

July: The most amazing Honeymoon EVER!! + Living in park city

Main street in park city. (i only have a couple pictures from living up there. what a bummer. we must have been having too much fun)

August: We visited Bob in L.A. + went on a caribbean cruise.


September: moved into our new apartment + BYU football games + bashed in the face

October: Lots of school + student teaching + hunting in colorado + sushi for mother's birthday + st george marathon + my first half marathon!+ winning the halloween costume contest

finish line

November: Barmitzfa in D.C. + Thanksgiving in Seattle

ahhh what a wonderful life!

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