Wednesday, December 15

star struck and rude-note-kid

Somehow i woke up today at 5:40 and went to a cycling class at Gold's. I was sitting on my bike when suddenly, hungryrunnergirl walked in!! (that is someone whose blog i look at every day) She is incredibly in shape, eats healthy, and is a teacher while her husband finishes up at byu. THIS IS WHO I ASPIRE TO BE ! So in walks my idol and i totally become star struck. she even sat on the bike in front of me.

i went home and told Devin the exciting news the second he woke up. i don't think he understood how cool it really was... or he just thinks i'm weird.

I went to my first subbing job! i actually get paid for what i do now! day was so incredibly horrible that it was comical, and therefore i'm very cheery right now.

The first 5 minutes of class a 6th grader punched a student in the face for passing him a note that said, "Die. Die. Die." My response was:
Did you just punch him in the face??"
Miguel said,
"yeah cuz he passed me this mean note.".
............ we had a lovely talk about not hitting people and not passing mean notes. i told them to apologize or miss recess.

Rude-note-writing kid was so EVIL! He cuts up little pieces of paper and walks around and dumps them on students' heads. Then he walks around and purposely sneezes ON kids. disgusting.

i finally took him to detention. (after 10 minutes of coaxing. he refused to go and wouldn't move.)

rude-note-writing kid got to go to recess but as soon as he went outside, miguel kicked him in the stomach... perfect. miguel went to the principal's office. rude-note kid cried.

Later on we went to a 6th grade gathering to learn about cultures. Rude-note kid brought scissors to cut paper up and dump on kids. After watching him do this for a few minutes, i took him out into the hall and another 6th grade teacher got mad at him. We decided he had one more chance. oh boy. He chose to keep messing around and so the teacher (its a guy) picked him up, chair and all, and carried him to the office. i was trying so hard not to laugh. rude-note-boy gone!!!

last part of the day. rude-note-boy is gathering his stuff up to leave. while looking at me, he says to his brother,
"I hate that substitute teacher."

pretty sure teachers should get paid more...

To any readers out there:
Have you ever had an experience that was so bad that it actually made you laugh?
my answer: yes. today.

Have you ever seen someone whose blog you look at? and you feel creepy that you know who they are because they don't know you?
my answer: yes. hungryrunnergirl. AND the duckworth's blog. (its my friend's, sister's, husband's cousin.) i saw the mom at nordstrom's once. weird

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I know I am a stalker but somehow I stumbled across your blog and you are way TOO nice. Um, can we be friends in real life and go to spin together and hang out and go get ice cream together. Can I just tell are GORGEOUS!! Don't worry I went through all your pics!
    First sub job!!! Seriously, teaching sucks big time sometimes!! I am sorry you had such an awful experience! Yesterday I had a girl tell me she hates me and I laughed at her!!
    Can't wait to be friends!!!


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