Tuesday, December 21

weekend in LA/San Diego

This weekend we went to have a pre- christmas celebration with Devin's dad because he won't be up here in salt lake for christmas day. We had a lot of fun being in LA and then driving down to San Diego to see Devin's cousins. Number one highlight of the trip was that i didn't have to take a single picture because Bob (devin's dad) ALWAYS takes pictures. love it.

we went to neiman marcus and looked at their Tom's. so cute!

one of my favorite things about the trip was that Bob had a big bucket of kettle corn (pictured below). mmmm my favorite. so of course i ate most of it... if not the whole thing.

dinner at universal studios

At the walton's house. I LOVE this picture of devin's 2 cousins. It reminds me of my sister and me :)

The Walton's were THE best hosts ever. Sarah (the mother) made us delicious meals each day and made us feel right at home. I love these cousins.

best moment was coming out into the living and seeing Bob's sunday morning yoga. (sorry bob- had to put this one on the blog.)

I'm always up for a good jamming session. Bob played the guitar, dev played the maracas, i played the piano, and jordan played the guitar. It was so fun!

the three of us.


  1. Your pictures are too small, change that.

  2. Sooo fun! I'm definitely jealous that you were hanging with the California Rigg clan. We had so much fun with Bob and the Waltons when we lived out there. Good good times. p.s. Love the Yoga picture of Bob! Classic!


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