Monday, December 13

why today rocked my socks

1. No finals this week. Probably the main reason why today rocked.

2. I drove Devin to school and, being the sweet husband that he is, he scraped the ice off of my car so that I could see out the windows and not kill us.

3. Went to Zumba to work on my coordination. (It's definitely a skill I need to aquire.) After playing the dancing game on the xbox kinect over thanksgiving break, I decided that I would make a goal to get some better dance moves and be coordinated. This could take some time...

4. I got tons done today and had an AMAZING breakfast to help me accomplish all of this. I decided to take a picture, but it seriously looks gross. please forgive me. But if you are ever interested in trying a delicious breakfast that make your taste buds go crazy, then try this. Oatmeal with a bit of cinnamon/sugar, vanilla yogurt, apples, and pumpkin (from a can.) HEAVEN!! i found it on my new favorite blog.

5. I went shopping with my mom and then we came to an agreement that I should definitely get a manicure/pedicure. So I enjoyed an hour and thirty minutes of chatting with a vietnamese girl named lisa. love her. They gave me those sweet little flip flops to wear and of course my mom made me go grocery shopping with her afterwards... so here I am in the store. my toes got cold.

6. The miracle of my day was driving from Salt Lake to Provo at 7 pm and NOT hitting ANY traffic. i repeat: there was NO traffic. This is probably the most amazing thing ever seeing as it is non stop construction the whole freeway until 2012.

7. And then of course, the cherry on top, was seeing Devin for a few hours tonight. Finals week/school in general keeps him busy busy busy!! he is a hard worker. way to go dev!

just thought i would end this post with an awesome picture. look at those pearly whites!

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