Monday, January 31

electro magnets+new project=monday

I had a pretty weak workout today... 3 miles + 20 minutes elliptical... hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Today we made electro-magnets.

My class awarded me as "the best substitute ever" by putting a note on my desk and a mini construction cone that says "bravo". I love elementary school.

Pretty sure that valentines day is my favorite holiday. I try and start celebrating/decorating as early as possible. Today Devin brought me some sweethearts :) True Love.

And... a sneak peak of my new project... (Thanks whitney!)

Saturday, January 29

taking pictures entertains me.

Saturdays are the best! We got to sleep in... i went to the mall... went to my friend's bridal shower... cleaned... and got ready..

My work out today ROCKED! I'm still in marathon training mode. So I ran 7 miles and did the eliptical for 20 minutes. For a total of an hour and a half work out.

BEST PART: I have been working on increasing my speed from a 10 minute mile (i know slow right?) to an 8:30 minute mile. And I've succeeded!! it feels good. I ran all 7 miles at that pace. Hopefully i can increase my speed even more.

Dev made me a smoothie after my run. Yum! This is his focused smoothie face.

My friend Sandy is getting married in february, and so her shower was today. It was so much fun to see all my elementary ed friends :)

Me, Sandy, and Mari

Cute lingerie cookies. Love it.

They even had water bottles with their name on them.


Last night we went to Market Street Grill in Salt Lake for Devin's Grandma's birthday party. It was fun to see everyone and i had DELICIOUS clam chowder. its the best.

Here is grandma + her daughters, jill and sarah.

Devin's cousin, Jordan, is in town. They lived together last year but Jordan just moved home to san diego to get ready to go on his mission. Devin has gone through withdrawals. they love each other.

We all came back to provo and went to some random girl's birthday party that only our friend, Alex, knew. It was weird. But, being the party animal that i am, I put on a hat and grabbed the peanut butter m&m's. HEAVEN.

The crew that I followed around the whole night. I know you are all jealous. But don't worry. I finally decided to let them have a guys night and I went home.

Thursday, January 27

i love thursdays

thursdays are the best! here are the top 6 of the day

1. i love my 5th graders. They are the sweetest kids ever and are SO well behaved. There is a group of boys that have a crush on me and they always are asking if they can help me with something. I have such a hard time getting them to go out to recess or even go home after school. They just want to stay and help me. haha love it

2. Devin is cute and i decided to skip my gym time today and actually do laundry and make dinner. One of my new year resolutions is to be a good wife. I'm trying to work on it.

3. our fish had 14 BABIES!! weirdest thing ever.

its hard to see in this picture. but they're there.

4. awesome mother in law met dev for lunch and gave him a whole bunch of goodies for us! huge bag of m&m's, chocolate milk, cookies, subway giftcard, bread, gorgeous shoes that i will never take off, ya know- basically all of my favorite things.

5. tomorrow is FRIDAY!

6. texting my best friend stefi, while messaging her on facebook, and looking at her blog. Do i miss her? yes. definitely.

this is us at efy when we were i about 9th grade.

and this is us a few years ago at byu

this is a picture of how busy dev is. he is on the phone with the bishop for his calling while studying for school. (I put the bag of m&m's in the picture to make it more interesting)

Wednesday, January 26

burn baby burn

This week we have had some issues with burning food...

On Monday night I was making a lovely meal when some friends stopped by to say hello. They brought us AMAZING garlic chicken pizza from brick oven just cuz they are awesome.Well, I got distracted and forgot about dinner. and it burned

But we were still happy to eat pizza. Thanks to audrey and matt!

Last night we had another debacle. I was feeling a sugar low because i've been working out 2 hours per day to get in "marathon shape". (its been great! I've lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks!) So i decided to make a huge, yummy batch of caramel corn. and boy was it delicious! but, my crazy husband apparently doesn't like caramel corn. (thats okay-more for me) So he made himself a batch of regular popcorn. unfortunately he left it in too long and it BURNED! and it happened to be our last bag. So I ran upstairs to our pizza friends from the night before and borrowed some popcorn and surprised him with it!

mmm. this picture brings back good memories. nothin like caramel corn, a glass of milk, and watching Miley Cyrus movies :)

Getting the popcorn for dev made him VERY happy, but when i wanted to take a picture he gave me his stubborn "I-know-this-is-for-the-blog-and-i-don't-like-it" face.


I love my new subbing job. I'm teaching a 5th grade class for about 3 months while their teacher is on maternity leave. They are such cute kids and VERY entertaining. I calculated it out and I think I get asked 3,600 questions per day. Some relate to school, and others are totally random.

Random questions:

"Is your name Natalie? You look like a Natalie."

"Are you 16 years old?"

"What is your favorite brand of lotion?"

"Do you chew 5 gum?"

"Are you married? I want to set you up with my swim coach"

Tuesday, January 25


today is our 7 month anniversary!

i love devin

7 reasons why being married to devin is AWESOME

1. We are ALWAYS laughing. Devin is hilarious and is always making me laugh. We get home each night and just laugh and tease each other for hours. Then we finish the night off by watching brian reagan just to laugh some more.
This picture kills me. its awkward.

2. He is so cute and good looking. I love that he has good style and great taste.

3. He is my best friend

4. He is committed in everything he does. Elders Quorum President... Neuro Science student... studying for the MCAT... husband... He makes time for EVERYTHING.

5. He is smart. He gets the best grades, studies SO hard, and is a great example of hard work.

6. He makes the bed every day

7. He supports me in everything i'm doing: work, marathon training, and he helps me in all of my little emotional moments :)

Sunday, January 23


One of my resolutions for this year is to floss every day. I never have been big into flossing, but i decided to start this year because the dentist always tells me that i'm going to get gum disease or something if i don't. Devin rocks at flossing and has always done it every single day! So when I forget, he reminds me.

I have been awesome at this resolution for 22 days! until last night... we got home really late from another Park City excursion and i totally forgot!! FAIL.

This is a glimpse of my future:

and this is just a funny picture. it kinda looks like devin when he flosses

Friday, January 21

sundance celeb sightings + waterpolo win

Days like today should happen more often. Ash and I went up to Park City to watch for movie stars at the Sundance Film Festival!! What a gorgeous day to see some celebs

We weren't really sure who this was, but he was being interviewed so we took a pic. Do you know this man?? If so, please comment.

We had the perfect star-sighting post. It was right where they come out after getting all their free sundance stuff. This is Rachel Leigh Cook. She is GORGEOUS and was in "She's All That" (and Babysitter's Club) and tons of other movies. Notice how awesomely close I was to take this picture. This isn't even on zoom!!

This is Maria Menounos. Another GORGEOUS star. She's been a host for Entertainment Tonight, MTV, VH1, Access Hollywood.

A guy on the Soprano's

Li'l Jon was fresh off the ski slopes.

Kevin Sorbo: tv series Hercules. He has great hair.

He even turned to smile at us!

I wasn't sure who this guy was.. but everyone surrounded him so i shot a few pics. It turns out its Michael Rapaport. He was in Hitch... Friends... Royal Pains... Prison Break... and tons of other movies.

This is William Fichtner. He was in Perfect Storm, The Dark Night, Date Night, Prison Break, Blades of Glory, Black Hawk Down, and others.

It was amazing because one of my BYU friends, Jonathan, happened to be working for the place where all of the sponsors give out their free stuff to the celebs. So, he got us in and we got to walk around (as long as we didn't take anything).

And what could be a better way to end the night than by winning our water polo game?! We are undefeated (after 2 games). And I finally got to play this week. I may or may not have broken my elbow in this game... it hurts way bad!! is it possible to break your funny bone? Devin says its not. no sympathy

This is our team pic. (don't worry- i'm wearing 2 swimsuits to be modest for BYU. totally cool haha)

After the win, Devin took me to get frozen yogurt! yummy! and we ran into a great friends! (don't mind my gross looking hair from our game)

mmmm. frozen yogurt. It weighed 1/2 pound and i ate it ALL!

This is probably my number one reader of this blog. Its the best! she even quoted a few of my posts. love this girl!

Thursday, January 20

cutest performance ever

you HAVE to watch this. (whenever someone puts a video up on their blog i don't watch it...) but this is so cute! its a daddy daughter duet of the song "Home" regularly sung by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. They were on Ellen yesterday.

Here is the regular song:

Wednesday, January 19


i usually blog about fun, awesome things we are doing, but i never get to the day to day stuff. Devin constantly is studying. its awesome! He is extremely smart- the smartest person i know. All that studying pays off apparently!

This is a picture of him and his friends discussing some way crazy science concept that was way over my head. So of course i got out the camera. I purposely memorized some of the words they were using so that i could blog about it and prove how smart they are.. but i forgot...

I made devin pose while holding up one of his neuro science books. He objected. But i've decided that i need to document these lovely undergrad moments- so i talked him into it.

My diploma came in the mail today!!!! I feel so official! and smart! okay maybe not smart... at least not smart as dev. But hey! I graduated from college!! boo ya!

This is a random kid in the wilk who happened to have a phone plugged in next to him. like an actual phone! not a cell phone... so of course, being the creepy stalker that i am, i zoomed in to capture a strange cougar in action.

This is just random. But my friend, Lauren, got married on Saturday. Her reception was wonderful and the food was delicious! Their photographer ROCKED!! (He was our photographer.)

This is us with the photographer: Brody Dezember. If you are reading this and getting married in the near future you have to use him. He is incredible and we couldn't be happier with our pictures. He also is super entertaining and funny. We had a good time chattin with him at the wedding.

In the same night we went to another reception of Devin's friend. It was awesome- especially the cake. The lady couldn't get a good sized piece so she decided to just keep piling up random pieces onto my plate. When i was walking back over to dev, some man looked at me and at the cake and said: whoaaaaa.