Wednesday, January 26

burn baby burn

This week we have had some issues with burning food...

On Monday night I was making a lovely meal when some friends stopped by to say hello. They brought us AMAZING garlic chicken pizza from brick oven just cuz they are awesome.Well, I got distracted and forgot about dinner. and it burned

But we were still happy to eat pizza. Thanks to audrey and matt!

Last night we had another debacle. I was feeling a sugar low because i've been working out 2 hours per day to get in "marathon shape". (its been great! I've lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks!) So i decided to make a huge, yummy batch of caramel corn. and boy was it delicious! but, my crazy husband apparently doesn't like caramel corn. (thats okay-more for me) So he made himself a batch of regular popcorn. unfortunately he left it in too long and it BURNED! and it happened to be our last bag. So I ran upstairs to our pizza friends from the night before and borrowed some popcorn and surprised him with it!

mmm. this picture brings back good memories. nothin like caramel corn, a glass of milk, and watching Miley Cyrus movies :)

Getting the popcorn for dev made him VERY happy, but when i wanted to take a picture he gave me his stubborn "I-know-this-is-for-the-blog-and-i-don't-like-it" face.

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  1. Haha! That last picture made me laugh so hard! Taber gives me that same look and will often say things like, "That better not go on the blog!" Whenever I'm taking pics. So funny!

    What marathon are you training for btw? Taber's training for one in Oct, that's awesome you're going the full distance!


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