Sunday, January 16

hardcore outdoorsy stuff

Yesterday we went cross country skiing with Ashley and Brad. We were tricked! I had the idea that cross country skiing was where you ski across a flat snow track, but instead they took us up and down a mountain. It actually was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed watching everyone fall. It is SOOOO hard to stay up on those things! I finally resorted to sliding down the mountain by sitting down on my skis.

The second I put the skis on, I fell over.

We love each other.

Ash and Brad. Brad was extremely helpful in teaching us how to ski properly.

We all fell A LOT. Even Devin who is super agile!

This looks staged, but I totally face planted it. I fell in some deep powder, and so the snow was all the way up to my shoulders. All i could do was laugh. Notice how my feet are totally bending over the skis.

It was such a gorgeous day! The perfect type of weather for me to participate in any winter sport... sunny, warm, and clear. That is dev in the picture skiing down the meadow.

hard core.

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