Thursday, January 27

i love thursdays

thursdays are the best! here are the top 6 of the day

1. i love my 5th graders. They are the sweetest kids ever and are SO well behaved. There is a group of boys that have a crush on me and they always are asking if they can help me with something. I have such a hard time getting them to go out to recess or even go home after school. They just want to stay and help me. haha love it

2. Devin is cute and i decided to skip my gym time today and actually do laundry and make dinner. One of my new year resolutions is to be a good wife. I'm trying to work on it.

3. our fish had 14 BABIES!! weirdest thing ever.

its hard to see in this picture. but they're there.

4. awesome mother in law met dev for lunch and gave him a whole bunch of goodies for us! huge bag of m&m's, chocolate milk, cookies, subway giftcard, bread, gorgeous shoes that i will never take off, ya know- basically all of my favorite things.

5. tomorrow is FRIDAY!

6. texting my best friend stefi, while messaging her on facebook, and looking at her blog. Do i miss her? yes. definitely.

this is us at efy when we were i about 9th grade.

and this is us a few years ago at byu

this is a picture of how busy dev is. he is on the phone with the bishop for his calling while studying for school. (I put the bag of m&m's in the picture to make it more interesting)

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  1. That's so cute that all the little boys are crushing on you! Who can blame them? ; )


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