Saturday, January 15

my cool bro in law

Friday was the BYU high school invitational and Devin's brother, Ryan, competed in the high jump and HE ROCKED IT!! he seriously can jump so high (6'8" in this meet) and we were all very impressed. Yes ladies, he is single !! for the moment....

Part of Ryan's fan club:

Hallie (left) is the cutest sister in law ever! I love her so much. and this is her little friend Jenna (right). Jenna is hilarious and told us she wants to be a pediatric anesthesiologist. her future is looking great!

Here is ryan jumping. I got SOOOO nervous during it that i took really bad pictures. i stole this one from my sister. but look at the video at the end because its really really cool!

And of course he got 1st place because he is awesome.

#1 Ryan Scott 6'8"!! boo ya!!!!

that's us representing the height with our hands (if you were confused)

Coach Maria!!


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