Thursday, January 6

poor little orphan boy

I am grateful for Devin because he puts up with me. Sometimes I forget to take care of him.

Example #1:
Last night i didn't have enough ingredients for this soup I was making, so I only could make 1/4 of the recipe. I thought it would be totally fine, but as we dished up, I realized that it definitely was not enough. Devin made this sad face and said, "It's like i'm in an orphanage. Please sir, can i have some more?" Luckily the camera was right by me so i could capture this moment. He genuinely looks sad in this picture.

Example #2
Devin hasn't had a haircut for MONTHS. It was getting pretty long and he even started looking like an orphan. Here are the before and after pics. I need to take better care of him.

Example #3
Devin looked in the freezer for some ice and all he could find was otter pops. So he put otter pops in his glass of sparkling cider. poor guy.


  1. The blog looks awesome! So does Devin's hair! We cut Brad's hair today too!

  2. lol.. love it! can't wait to see how the poor kids will be just getting i know you are awesome!


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