Wednesday, January 26


I love my new subbing job. I'm teaching a 5th grade class for about 3 months while their teacher is on maternity leave. They are such cute kids and VERY entertaining. I calculated it out and I think I get asked 3,600 questions per day. Some relate to school, and others are totally random.

Random questions:

"Is your name Natalie? You look like a Natalie."

"Are you 16 years old?"

"What is your favorite brand of lotion?"

"Do you chew 5 gum?"

"Are you married? I want to set you up with my swim coach"


  1. Love it. Ha my mom always has hilarious comments from kids. Whenever I go in there - there is this kid that gets really mad because he says I am a distraction and it is not "professional" for me to be there. SO FUNNY!

  2. haha that is hilarious! kids are so crazy. i wish your mom would've been my teacher in elementary.

  3. Haha, I love that a kid wanted to set you up with his swim coach! That is so very Gilmore Girls season 7! Love it.


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