Sunday, January 23


One of my resolutions for this year is to floss every day. I never have been big into flossing, but i decided to start this year because the dentist always tells me that i'm going to get gum disease or something if i don't. Devin rocks at flossing and has always done it every single day! So when I forget, he reminds me.

I have been awesome at this resolution for 22 days! until last night... we got home really late from another Park City excursion and i totally forgot!! FAIL.

This is a glimpse of my future:

and this is just a funny picture. it kinda looks like devin when he flosses


  1. Good job being outdoors! A buddy of mine asked if I have any cross country skis and I said nope. He gave me a hard time saying I needed to enjoy the winter outdoors stuff. Paul

  2. Dang I need to floss way more too! K, you forgot to tell me about your awesome weekend at the film jealous! LOVE your swimsuit and a 1/2 lb of are my kind of girl. Sorry I was loopy at the gym today but it was SO fun to run wit ya! Have a great day with your new class wahoo!


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