Wednesday, January 19


i usually blog about fun, awesome things we are doing, but i never get to the day to day stuff. Devin constantly is studying. its awesome! He is extremely smart- the smartest person i know. All that studying pays off apparently!

This is a picture of him and his friends discussing some way crazy science concept that was way over my head. So of course i got out the camera. I purposely memorized some of the words they were using so that i could blog about it and prove how smart they are.. but i forgot...

I made devin pose while holding up one of his neuro science books. He objected. But i've decided that i need to document these lovely undergrad moments- so i talked him into it.

My diploma came in the mail today!!!! I feel so official! and smart! okay maybe not smart... at least not smart as dev. But hey! I graduated from college!! boo ya!

This is a random kid in the wilk who happened to have a phone plugged in next to him. like an actual phone! not a cell phone... so of course, being the creepy stalker that i am, i zoomed in to capture a strange cougar in action.

This is just random. But my friend, Lauren, got married on Saturday. Her reception was wonderful and the food was delicious! Their photographer ROCKED!! (He was our photographer.)

This is us with the photographer: Brody Dezember. If you are reading this and getting married in the near future you have to use him. He is incredible and we couldn't be happier with our pictures. He also is super entertaining and funny. We had a good time chattin with him at the wedding.

In the same night we went to another reception of Devin's friend. It was awesome- especially the cake. The lady couldn't get a good sized piece so she decided to just keep piling up random pieces onto my plate. When i was walking back over to dev, some man looked at me and at the cake and said: whoaaaaa.

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