Friday, January 21

sundance celeb sightings + waterpolo win

Days like today should happen more often. Ash and I went up to Park City to watch for movie stars at the Sundance Film Festival!! What a gorgeous day to see some celebs

We weren't really sure who this was, but he was being interviewed so we took a pic. Do you know this man?? If so, please comment.

We had the perfect star-sighting post. It was right where they come out after getting all their free sundance stuff. This is Rachel Leigh Cook. She is GORGEOUS and was in "She's All That" (and Babysitter's Club) and tons of other movies. Notice how awesomely close I was to take this picture. This isn't even on zoom!!

This is Maria Menounos. Another GORGEOUS star. She's been a host for Entertainment Tonight, MTV, VH1, Access Hollywood.

A guy on the Soprano's

Li'l Jon was fresh off the ski slopes.

Kevin Sorbo: tv series Hercules. He has great hair.

He even turned to smile at us!

I wasn't sure who this guy was.. but everyone surrounded him so i shot a few pics. It turns out its Michael Rapaport. He was in Hitch... Friends... Royal Pains... Prison Break... and tons of other movies.

This is William Fichtner. He was in Perfect Storm, The Dark Night, Date Night, Prison Break, Blades of Glory, Black Hawk Down, and others.

It was amazing because one of my BYU friends, Jonathan, happened to be working for the place where all of the sponsors give out their free stuff to the celebs. So, he got us in and we got to walk around (as long as we didn't take anything).

And what could be a better way to end the night than by winning our water polo game?! We are undefeated (after 2 games). And I finally got to play this week. I may or may not have broken my elbow in this game... it hurts way bad!! is it possible to break your funny bone? Devin says its not. no sympathy

This is our team pic. (don't worry- i'm wearing 2 swimsuits to be modest for BYU. totally cool haha)

After the win, Devin took me to get frozen yogurt! yummy! and we ran into a great friends! (don't mind my gross looking hair from our game)

mmmm. frozen yogurt. It weighed 1/2 pound and i ate it ALL!

This is probably my number one reader of this blog. Its the best! she even quoted a few of my posts. love this girl!


  1. oh steph! It was soo good to see you and Devin!.. I am soo excited to come to your next water polo game... you and devin are studs!

  2. Copier. Please explain the bathing suit please I am so confused. I am for sure coming to the next game.

  3. How do you know Jenny? She's in all my nursing classes! I like the bathing suits by the way. I'd probably have to do the same thing.

  4. Emily: it was so good to see you guys too! and will you and jenny please comment more ??

    Ashley: i HAD to do it. the black one would have fallen down and that would've been awkward. and the pink one reveals too much.. Atleast i wore two cute swimsuits and didn't wear a t-shirt like all the other cougars.

    Susan: Jenny was my room mate at king henry!! That is so funny you know her! small world

  5. WHATEVER! i totally win for #1 blog fan!!!

  6. PS I think the name of the perfect storm guy is something else. William Fitchner is some other guy. Thanks for clearing things up for me.

  7. oooo i totally wish i was there to hang out with you guys!


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