Saturday, January 29

taking pictures entertains me.

Saturdays are the best! We got to sleep in... i went to the mall... went to my friend's bridal shower... cleaned... and got ready..

My work out today ROCKED! I'm still in marathon training mode. So I ran 7 miles and did the eliptical for 20 minutes. For a total of an hour and a half work out.

BEST PART: I have been working on increasing my speed from a 10 minute mile (i know slow right?) to an 8:30 minute mile. And I've succeeded!! it feels good. I ran all 7 miles at that pace. Hopefully i can increase my speed even more.

Dev made me a smoothie after my run. Yum! This is his focused smoothie face.

My friend Sandy is getting married in february, and so her shower was today. It was so much fun to see all my elementary ed friends :)

Me, Sandy, and Mari

Cute lingerie cookies. Love it.

They even had water bottles with their name on them.


Last night we went to Market Street Grill in Salt Lake for Devin's Grandma's birthday party. It was fun to see everyone and i had DELICIOUS clam chowder. its the best.

Here is grandma + her daughters, jill and sarah.

Devin's cousin, Jordan, is in town. They lived together last year but Jordan just moved home to san diego to get ready to go on his mission. Devin has gone through withdrawals. they love each other.

We all came back to provo and went to some random girl's birthday party that only our friend, Alex, knew. It was weird. But, being the party animal that i am, I put on a hat and grabbed the peanut butter m&m's. HEAVEN.

The crew that I followed around the whole night. I know you are all jealous. But don't worry. I finally decided to let them have a guys night and I went home.

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  1. First of all...that is the cutest blazer that you have on, I am jealous of your super modelness!! What a fun day:) I love PB m&m's!!! GIRL, AWESOME RUN!!! YOU ARE GETTING SO SPEEDY. It is so fun to see improvements, I really am so happy for you! We need to do another treadmill run again!! Clam chowder sounds so good:) You and Dev are a gorgeous couple, it makes me happy. Thank you for the sweet comment, it made my day! And girl, we need to do yogurt asap. Oh yeah, those cookies are adorable!


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