Wednesday, January 12

water polo + cookies = love

Tonight Devin and I had a waterpolo game! oh wait.. just Dev had a game. Our team captain guy forgot to put my name on the team and so I have to wait until next week to play :( or maybe he just wanted to secure the win. not really sure. but it was quite depressing. i made the best of it and was an awesome cheerleader! luckily my sister came too to keep me entertained and make fun of all the awkwardness.

Such an awkward sport

Devin was very hesitant to jump in the pool at first, but finally he mustered up the courage.

Devin was an OUTSTANDING goalie. He rocked and our team won!! He's following in his father's footsteps who won 2nd in inner tube water polo in 1976 at BYU. Wow it must be in the Rigg blood.

BYU students wear some pretty awkward clothing. First of all: check out this guy. What the shorts?? Second of all: it is pretty unfortunate that BYU requires girls to wear one pieces. One pieces don't tend to be all that flattering on the majority of women. We saw some pretty crazy swimwear tonight. We love cougars!

This is me looking through the glass windows as I watch my team celebrate their victory. feeling left out.

I got over the rejection from my team as soon as they brought us cookies. Chocolate cookies always make one feel better :)

p.s. a huge highlight of the day was when i met hungry runner girl at the gym!!! she taught the cycling class i was . boo yah! This is a picture of when i told my sister about it. See the excitement on my face?


  1. It's like you copy pasted my whole blog post. Good thing I copywrited that sucker...I'm taking you to court!

  2. It's true. If you two keep doing this "let's post about the exact same thing" act I may have to stop reading your blogs. Maybe only because I'm crazy jealous I am also not posting about the exact same thing. Miss you sissies!

  3. AHHHHH!!! That is how I feel about you when I met you!! K, so I was thinking....wanna go on a yogurt date next week?!?! You are seriously model material girl. Congrats to your team!! HA I love that you took pics of the awkward swimwear. The one pieces...really?!?! So sad you didn't get to play, I will make you cookies too ha! Email me your number if you want to go on a date! I bet Devin's dad is so proud of him!


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