Monday, February 28

rough day?

Today we got up early! 5:15 early. I was able to get in 4 miles + 20 minutes elliptical while Devin studied.

The rest of the day was alright... until I learned that the utah legislature is cutting the education budget even more and taking out $350 from a teacher's salary EACH MONTH. Therefore, if i continue teaching, I will only make about $1,700 per month. Might as well be on welfare....

The result of this new piece of information was lots of skittle eating, job searching, and pro/con lists. (special thanks to mother for the note pad of pro/con lists she gave us for christmas)

Devin came home to see this:

Devin's response was, "Rough day??"

Saturday, February 26

attitude is everything

even though my brain was telling me I couldn't. Today the mileage on my training schedule was 13 miles. That is a half marathon folks! on a treadmill. .

It was a rough morning and I wasn't feeling so hot. I got to the gym and the first 6 miles were death! I attribute it to my negativity. I am a believer that attitude is EVERYTHING and that you can do whatever you put your mind to. If I think I can do a marathon- then i will. But if i tell myself that i can't- then i won't be able to. I need to work more on my attitude.

I finished though! 13.2 miles in 2 hours. (it took a little longer than i would've liked, but I was tired and not feeling so good)

Last night we had a water polo team dinner after our game. Sadly, we lost our game. But that's okay.

We went to Red Robin and I was wanting some pasta for my run today, so I asked the waiter if they had anything like that. He said they had a spaghetti kids meal. DONE. I got a little glass of chocolate milk, a few pieces of melon, and a little bowl of spaghetti. Perfect portion size! and half the price of a grown up meal! Note to self: always order kids meals!

Devin's yummy burger. I guess I should've gotten a picture of the team... clearly i was really interested in the food and devin. typical.

on a side note : GO BYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was such an intense game today against san diego state, but we totally rocked it. I'm so proud of our little mormon team and for playing so hard today :)

This picture is from wednesday's game against Colorado State.

Wednesday, February 23

my letter

Dear BYU, Altius Test Prep, and LDS church,

Sometimes I miss my husband. Could you just cancel a few tests? Lighten the studying for the mcat? or stop having him home teach and be the elder's quorum president? That would be great. Even if you just lighten the load a teeny tiny bit so I can see him longer than 30 minutes each night and so that he won't spend 13 hours on campus and then have to go home teaching. I would even just like to have a few minutes to feed him a decent meal!

Maybe this is too much to ask... But please consider my request.

lonely-but-trying-to-keep-busy wife of Devin

*disclaimer* I am really proud of Devin for working so hard and for having such a heavy load right now. I promise i'm supportive. Just lonely sometimes. This is just me venting :)

Tuesday, February 22

love 3 day weekends

This is day 7 of NO TREATS. woo hoo!!!! that is ONE WHOLE WEEK! I decided to give up treats for a little bit and it's been great to have a detox after being addicted to skittles and other fabulous candies for so long. i'm feelin good!

This weekend we were in St. George and it was so much fun! We went with my family to just relax and hang out.

We like to go on walks.

Gorgeous view from the condo. ( thanks to my sister, the photographer)

my dad likes to pick up random beer bottles and then jump in pictures.

We went to dinner with Elise, her husband, baby, and mom. I have known Elise since we were in kindergarten, so it is always fun to get together every so often. She has the cutest little boy ever!!!! i love him.

Little Jack :)

Saturday was awesome! I was accompanied on my 11 mile run by my bro. in law, sister, dad, and husband. It was so much fun and the time flew by! they rode their bikes and looked like my body guards. i felt really cool.


Tuesday, February 15

some valentine lovin'

Reason for the lack of blogging: I have been in a rut because of a week long cold. I haven't been able to work out and I have just felt sick for days. Its been bad because it makes me feel like a slacker. But I'm on the mend and today I kicked off my new start with a 9 mile run! It felt good to finally get my sweat on.

This past weekend was splendid! Devin and I went to stay at the Grand America for a night. We also went to the Roof Restaurant for dinner. We had a blast and it was fun to spend some time together!

I love the chandeliers in the Grand. So gorgeous!!

When we went to dinner, we went to the 9th floor where our reception was held. It was fun to reminisce, but made us sad at the same time. It is so bare and empty looking. Oh well. Good times!

mmmm. love me some dessert! Two plates to be exact. My rule: its ok to splurge when you only have one gift card to your favorite restaurant and would never even think of spending money to go there when you are a newly wed couple :)

The gorgeous view from our table. One of my favorite parts about that restaurant.

MY LOVE. On Saturday we stopped at our parents' houses to say hi and do some laundry. This is the newest addition to Devin's family. I'M IN LOVE!!! Its a little Akita puppy and he is the sweetest little guy ever! I want to keep him here in provo with me. (until he gets ginormous) I wish ginormous was a word because I use it all the time...

He was tired from playing all day, so he was super fun to cuddle with.

He was so tired he just rested on devin's notebook while dev did homework. He's tiny!


Random side note- I made this valentines wreath. My cousin gave me the idea- she made a really really cute one! But it took me SO LONG that it was done the day before Valentines day. Oh well. Thats me trying to be crafty.

Wednesday, February 9

snowshoeing adventures!

Work out today: 5 miles on treadmill. Plus snowshoeing 2.5 miles with 100 fifth graders.

The other teachers ditched me for the "cool bus" so I was left with 60 kids on another bus. LOSER. Luckily my kids know how to party. Just look at these faces

My bus buddy :) She made me feel cool by asking me to sit by her. "Mrs. Rigg! Mrs. Rigg! Sit here!!"

Such a gorgeous day! Just a little cold for my taste. But we had a lot of fun.

I spy a blue fanny pack. Do you? Keepin' it classy.

I can't explain how difficult it was to strap 50 kids into their snow shoes.

Trekin' up to the trail. (it looks like there isn't snow, but this is just down by the road)

Can you tell which one is my class favorite? Answer: The girl with gigantic pink sunglasses, pink coat, and she also was wearing pink snow pants. A girl after my own heart.

i was exhausted after a full day of this and came home to take a 3 hour nap.

D.S.D. (Depressing Story of the Day)
I finally had to get new lame-sauce insurance because i got kicked off my parents plan and can't bum off of them anymore. I used to pay $5 for birth control and now I have to pay $65!!! SO EXPENSIVE. ...I may have teared up tonight as the pharmacist told me the total cost. She told me she was sorry.

Monday, February 7

I love...

And the count down to Love Day begins! One more week my friends!

I love...
having an afternoon full of doing crafts.

To: devin

I love pink...

and hearts...

and cookies.


I love Devin....

and how sweet he is...

And when he does the dishes.

I love random cravings.

Such as what I was craving for dinner:

Tuna with pickles, onions, and lettuce on an english muffin. + peas.

(it looks really gross. but boy was it tasty!)

Sunday, February 6

Study/Sleep/Snack/Skittle/ Superbowl Sunday

This weekend was very relaxing. Basically we went out to dinner (with gift cards of course) and watched movies. Sometimes we feel like a lame married couple on weekends like this, but sometimes its nice to just relax. I guess I'm speaking for myself though, because Devin studied the entire weekend. What an awesome student!

Ash and Brad brought us a lovely surprise. Chocolate cookies in a paper bag. They know how to make me happy.

Studying while watching the Super Bowl.

This is from last night... Devin studied... I ate skittles... and watched "My Dog Skip"

Saturday, February 5


Today's work out was AWESOME! I ran 8 miles without stopping or walking. I did it in 1 hour and 6 minutes at 8:27 minute mile pace. boo yah!! That is a new PR for me. After that I did the stair climber for 20 min. and elliptical for 30. It felt great and the 2 hours flew by!

I even tried these lovelies to figure out what is best for me to eat during the marathon. And they were delicious! I was pleasantly surprised.

Devin took a practice MCAT test today and he rocked it! It took about 4 hours! wow! that's impressive to be able to keep your focus for that long.

random picture of us.

Question: any suggestions on how to get my hair to grow? It drives me crazy!

Wednesday, February 2


Workout: 5 miles + 20 minutes stair climber + 20 minutes elliptical

My car has never said "-1 degree". That was the temp this morning driving to school.

IT WAS SO COLD! Best remedy for a day like this? Sweat for 2 hours at the gym, go tanning, take a hot shower and drink some peppermint tea. (sorry mother/grandmother if you are reading this- I promise I only go tanning once in a while when I need to pretend like i'm somewhere warm to brighten my day)

Some boys gave me my favorite flavors of candy hearts today. Purple and green :)

Devin got home late, so Ash came over to watch the Bachelor on hulu and play "shut the box". I love my sister. She's great.

While i was at the gym i saw the WEIRDEST commercial ever. I thought it was a joke at first- but its not. check it out:

Tuesday, February 1

are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Today's work out: 1 hour elliptical + 20 minutes stair climber

3 random facts.

1. I have a hard time with some of my times tables.
Yes I am teaching 5th grade. Yes they are smarter than me when it comes to 9x6 and 9x7. But don't worry! I am very good at hiding it when I'm teaching them. When I'm faced with a multiplication problem that I don't know, I just say, "So class, can anyone tell me what the answer to this is?" (They think i'm trying to test their knowledge, but really i'm just not sure what the answer is and they always seem to know)

I didn't have a picture to represent this fact, so i just put one of me being weird.

2. Devin turns off the light at night with a ruler so he doesn't have to get out of bed.

3. My natural hair color is dark brown. I just think that blonde fits me better. I guess it makes sense why I don't know my times tables.

**fyi:I have been posting my workouts at the beginning of each post because it makes me feel accountable for doing it everyday.