Tuesday, February 1

are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Today's work out: 1 hour elliptical + 20 minutes stair climber

3 random facts.

1. I have a hard time with some of my times tables.
Yes I am teaching 5th grade. Yes they are smarter than me when it comes to 9x6 and 9x7. But don't worry! I am very good at hiding it when I'm teaching them. When I'm faced with a multiplication problem that I don't know, I just say, "So class, can anyone tell me what the answer to this is?" (They think i'm trying to test their knowledge, but really i'm just not sure what the answer is and they always seem to know)

I didn't have a picture to represent this fact, so i just put one of me being weird.

2. Devin turns off the light at night with a ruler so he doesn't have to get out of bed.

3. My natural hair color is dark brown. I just think that blonde fits me better. I guess it makes sense why I don't know my times tables.

**fyi:I have been posting my workouts at the beginning of each post because it makes me feel accountable for doing it everyday.


  1. What the heck? Where did that picture come from? I have never seen it. Man I loved that haircut you look so cute.

  2. Wow I had now idea you were a brunette! I think you look great either way. Also totally know the feeling of your students knowing more than you! haha! I had to teach Geography for a year (it was my minor and I really didn't learn it as well as I should've) Anyway, I did a lot of "testing my student's knowledge" with that subject! haha!


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