Saturday, February 26

attitude is everything

even though my brain was telling me I couldn't. Today the mileage on my training schedule was 13 miles. That is a half marathon folks! on a treadmill. .

It was a rough morning and I wasn't feeling so hot. I got to the gym and the first 6 miles were death! I attribute it to my negativity. I am a believer that attitude is EVERYTHING and that you can do whatever you put your mind to. If I think I can do a marathon- then i will. But if i tell myself that i can't- then i won't be able to. I need to work more on my attitude.

I finished though! 13.2 miles in 2 hours. (it took a little longer than i would've liked, but I was tired and not feeling so good)

Last night we had a water polo team dinner after our game. Sadly, we lost our game. But that's okay.

We went to Red Robin and I was wanting some pasta for my run today, so I asked the waiter if they had anything like that. He said they had a spaghetti kids meal. DONE. I got a little glass of chocolate milk, a few pieces of melon, and a little bowl of spaghetti. Perfect portion size! and half the price of a grown up meal! Note to self: always order kids meals!

Devin's yummy burger. I guess I should've gotten a picture of the team... clearly i was really interested in the food and devin. typical.

on a side note : GO BYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was such an intense game today against san diego state, but we totally rocked it. I'm so proud of our little mormon team and for playing so hard today :)

This picture is from wednesday's game against Colorado State.


  1. Nothing sounds worse than the spaghetti and cantelope combo...gross

  2. Steph! You go girl! You are my inspiration, although, I am a little disappointed that you did't text Jen or I about your water polo game! I mean come on I have fans that want Devin's signature since he is the BYU Waterpolo MVP!

  3. Wow stephers you are a star. And that food looks yummers! You are cool.

  4. hahaha that's better ash.

    and emily, i'm so sorry i forgot to let you guys know about our game!!! we lost :( and its probably cuz we didn't have our #1 fans there. oh well. we are going to have a championship game next week so i will let you know!


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