Wednesday, February 2


Workout: 5 miles + 20 minutes stair climber + 20 minutes elliptical

My car has never said "-1 degree". That was the temp this morning driving to school.

IT WAS SO COLD! Best remedy for a day like this? Sweat for 2 hours at the gym, go tanning, take a hot shower and drink some peppermint tea. (sorry mother/grandmother if you are reading this- I promise I only go tanning once in a while when I need to pretend like i'm somewhere warm to brighten my day)

Some boys gave me my favorite flavors of candy hearts today. Purple and green :)

Devin got home late, so Ash came over to watch the Bachelor on hulu and play "shut the box". I love my sister. She's great.

While i was at the gym i saw the WEIRDEST commercial ever. I thought it was a joke at first- but its not. check it out:


  1. I wish I could have played with you two. You should have been in CA, it was 70 today!!!

  2. Save the family jewels! lol! Hilarious! Also love that you are into the Bachelor. Those girls are sooo crazy! Michelle is nuts! and they're all just so emotional and out of control, I love it! haha!


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